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Free indie puzzle game

Just More Doors is a free horror puzzle game developed by Teagher Studio. You’ll explore numerous rooms and liminal spaces while trying to escape what feels like a never-ending maze of doors and spaces, with many cryptic clues hidden in plain sight. 

If you enjoy puzzle games with a liminal space factor, try Backrooms of Reality for a heavy dose of creepy undertones. If you’re a fan of the walking-simulator mechanic, try The Smiling Man


For anyone new to the horror puzzle genre, the experience may be a bit overwhelming. Just More Doors has an emphasis on liminal spaces, which means a space between spaces. 


In this case, you’re exploring numerous doorways and rooms. While a formal room is the opposite of a liminal space, Just More Doors is more than a game with simple rooms. The rooms aren’t destinations or utilitarian, they’re simply liminal spaces separated by doors.


Like many indie experiences, incredible attention to detail is featured in Just More Doors. Tiles reflect light, softer furnishings seem to absorb light and most of the surfaces look tactile and textured. 

The game seems to use a rather intense graphics setup geared toward realism. Even so, the game runs smoothly across Windows devices with minimal interruptions.

The psychology of a liminal space

Just More Doors turns a formal room into a liminal space by removing the satisfaction of having arrived in a space and, instead, replaces it with the uneasy feeling of feeling stuck between one place and another. 

The game delivers commentary that alludes to you being stuck in a dream. Liminal spaces like those in Just More Doors make you feel uneasy because you feel like you’re in limbo. 

Spectacular liminal space experience

Just More Doors is incredible in its design, ideas and execution. While most games give you a certain amount of control over your environment, Just More Doors takes it away during a short tutorial before you start. 

You’re instantly reminded that you have no choice but to move in the direction the game wants you to. Just More Doors is intended to make the player feel stuck, controlled and to some extent, observed. Great graphics and atmosphere create a completely immersive experience.



Just More Doors 1.2 for Windows
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1
Date added:
Tuesday, April 12th 2022
Teagher Studio


Just More Doors for PC


Teagher Studio(Free)

User rating8


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