Safe Exam Browser for Windows

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Web browser exam environment

Secure Exam Browser is a web environment for safely conducting online examinations. It temporarily takes control over system use, preventing exam-takers from accessing unauthorised resources.

Secure assessments

Unlike tExamSoft and similar tools, SEB is not an assessment-creation tool. It’s merely an environment for carrying out exams, but a powerful one. tIt disables operating system functions and shortcuts, online browsing, and provides users with robust detection systems.


SEB is tcompatible with most systems for web-based exams and learning management. You can use it in coordination with applications such as Moodle, ILIAS and OpenOlat.


The program works on tWindows, macOS, iPad and Chromebook devices. The latest versions added webcam support. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with smartphones like tQuestionmark Secure.

Customisable protection

SEB has fullscreen and multiple browser modes. In the latter option, it removes all navigation elements from the page. It also features an URL filter and a VM detector. It disables spell checking and dictionary lookup, as well as switching to other apps through hotkeys.

tThe program is highly configurable, letting exam creators tailor the features based on the circumstances. You can permit certain functions, enable third-party applications, and allow full web apps, PDF and HTML documents.

Design and setup

SEB consists of two components, namely a kiosk application and a browser. The kiosk locks down other computer functions, launching only the SEB browser and allowed third-party apps. The browser element displays the exam page, connected to the learning management system.

The UI then displays navigation for the exam only. tThe elaborate authentication process verifies that an unaltered program version is running an exam with correct settings.

If you’re using SEB with a third-party service like Moodle, then you’ll have to visit the Settings in your program. You need to choose ‘Require SEB’ among the settings to ensure compliance on the students’ side.

Nearly fullproof

Safe Exam Browser is an excellent addition to traditional online examination tools. It’s a shame that it doesn’t work on smartphones too, removing any likelihood of cheating, but it performs its primary function seamlessly and effectively.



Safe Exam Browser for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Wednesday, January 11th 2023
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Safe Exam Browser for PC

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