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Amazon Reviews - are they always what they seem?
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 days
Whether you’re tech savvy or not, product reviews are a huge factor in potential online purchases. This is especially the case when it comes to Amazon reviews, or any other kind of online shopping platform. Often, we can’t see, feel or try-out the product so we put our faith in those who have. So, it’s partread more
Get Creative with Design Software for Mac
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
4 days
There is so much design software for Mac users to get creative with out there. Here are 10 of our favourites. It’s a mixed bag, that’s for sure! We are truly spoilt with some cutting-edge software solutions, but the ten we have chosen cover a range of bases. Essentially, no stone has been left unturned. Of cread more
How Android and iOS Users can Hide WhatsApp 'Last Seen' Status
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
5 days
Instant messaging means that almost everyone is reachable within just a few clicks these days. That’s great, right? Well, there are some slightly annoying side-effects… Take WhatsApp ‘last seen’ notifications for example. If you’re not great at quickly responding to messages, you can definitely do withouread more
Internet Regulation: Mark Zuckerberg's Four Ideas
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
1 week
The founder of Facebook has published four ideas that he believes could help better regulate the internet. Mark Zuckerberg’s four ideas revolve around harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. He published his thoughts in a Facebook Newsroom blog titled ‘Four Ideas to Regulate the Intread more
What does Antivirus Software do? The Ultimate Antivirus Guide
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
Antivirus software is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of software for your Mac or Windows PC. In fact, it probably is the most important thing to get right! In this article FileHippo will take a deep look into why that is the case. Of course, for some of you it may sound like we’re stating the oread more
Pirated Game of Thrones Downloads Most Likely to Home Malware
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
A Kaspersky Lab study has found that hackers are sneakily adding malware to illegal downloads of popular TV shows. Game of Thrones downloads, and indeed those of other top series’, are the most susceptible to this kind of thing. This is according to the new study, published on Monday April 1, which warns of theread more
Facebook Ban White Nationalism and Separatism
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
Leading social media platforms have announced steps to block ‘praise, support and representation’ of white nationalism and separatism. A Facebook ban will be handed to anyone flouting new rules. It will also apply on Instagram, owned by Facebook, and comes into force this week. This development follows Faceboread more
Apple Keynote Event Welcomes New Services
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
2 weeks
Apple has unveiled four huge new products, and the world of tech has reacted with excitement and intrigue… As expected, the Apple keynote event in California was star-studded and saw some big announcements. Not only will Apple launch a new TV streaming platform, it will also create 'a new kind of credit card', read more
Facebook User Passwords Exposed Internally - What You Need to Know
Tom Gainey Tom Gainey
3 weeks
After millions of passwords were left exposed internally, the world’s largest social media giant has spoken out. Facebook user passwords were stored in a readable format within an internal data storage system earlier this year. The BBC reported how the passwords were “accessible by up to 20,000 employees”, cread more