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Pentagon Bans Military Personnel From Using GPS Tracking Apps 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
12 hours
The US Department of Defense has issued new orders to all of its branches that immediately begins restricting soldiers' use of GPS tracking apps in places it deems to be sensitive or dangerous.  While the new orders stop short of a total ban on the use of GPS enabled devices in “global hot spots,read more
How To Improve Your Cyber Security In 5 Simple Steps
Danielle Chapman Danielle Chapman
13 hours
Using a quality antivirus, strong passwords, and a VPN for internet connections, with regular software updates and data backups, improves your cyber security. In previous instalments of this series, we discussed the basics of computer viruses and other forms of malicious software, and considered the basic principread more
Tech Companies Fighting Conspiracy Theorists
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
3 days
Alex Jones, highly vocal founder and ringmaster of conspiracy theory "journalism" site Infowars, has taken to the various online airwaves to fight back against what he feels is censorship and a violation of his freedom of speech. The issue in question is the multiple-platform ban of many of his site's videos and read more
Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Your Personality?
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
4 days
A new study investigates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify personality types based on tracking eye movements. It’s a common enough idea that the eyes are the window to the soul, and that when playing poker, some experienced players wear sunglasses so that their eyes don’t giveread more
Surf Freely, Anonymously And Securely With Avira Phantom VPN
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
5 days
You need a VPN, and Avira’s here to help. This might be going out on the proverbial limb, but if you’re not using a VPN for most of your internet activity, you might be taking your (digital) life in your hands. A VPN, or virtual private network, acts like your own personal tunnel onto the internet, keepingread more
Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Paraphernalia From Website 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
6 days
Global e-commerce giant Amazon has begun the process of removing items that contain or have an association with Nazi and white supremacist symbols from its website.  The move by Amazon follows a series of complaints from lawmakers and a 24 page in depth report from two racial equality advread more
Reddit Breach Exposes Logins, Public And Private Posts
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
6 days
If you receive an emailed daily digest of content from Reddit, you might want to head over and take a peek in your account. Specifically, you'll want to change your password, change that password if you've used it on any other sites, and oh yeah, make sure you haven't posted anything embarrassing to any discussioread more
Why Regular Software Updates Are So Important
Danielle Chapman Danielle Chapman
1 week
To increase your system's stability, fix performance problems, and improve security, an automated and regular software update is a wise decision. A regular software update routine doesn't just ensure your applications and operating system have all the latest bells and whistles. A good software update can improve read more
Another Amazon S3 Exposure Compromised Voter Records
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
1 week
This isn't a good time to be accused of tampering with voters' personal information, but that hasn't stopped yet another "person who should know better" from leaving their Amazon S3 server exposed and unprotected. This time, the villain is one of those companies that dials your phone number against your will to spread more