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Mirai Botnet Creators Helping FBI Will Avoid Jail Time.  
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
1 day
The three young hackers expected to be sentenced to work for the FBI instead of jail time. The three notorious hackers behind one of the most powerful pieces of malware ever used on the open internet, the Mirai Botnet, have been working with the FBI for more than a year...according tread more
Tech Giants Getting In On Healthcare
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
2 days
Civica Rx prepares to launch independent drug company and disrupt US medical industry. There's little doubt that every aspect of the US medical industry is broken. This is an era in which American citizens with full-time jobs still have to hold crowdfunding campaigns to pay for their prescriptions or treatments, read more
How To Improve Cybersecurity for your Small Business: A Quick 7 Step Guide 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
2 days
If you own a small business it’s far more important than you might think to take some time to protect yourself from hackers and cyber-criminals. But we get it...It’s a hassle, and unless you are running some sort of IT related company, the idea of implementing effective cybersecurity might seem as dread more
Thai Cave Rescue Diver Sues Elon Musk Over ‘Pedophile’ Claims 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
3 days
Elon Musk, the billionaire business magnate is being sued by a British Diver who says that Musk has falsely and directly accused him of being a pedophile and a ‘child rapist.’ Vernon Unsworth, who lives in London, UK, alleges that Elon Musk falsely made comments about him on the Twitter social media read more
Alphabet’s Internet Loon Balloons Reach New Heights 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
4 days
Alphabet perseveres through complex technological and practical problems to set new records. Alphabet’s High Altitude Loon Balloon system set a new milestone last month by linking 7 balloons together that were flying 600 km apart, and casting the Internet in a 1000 km diameter, and all from just one gread more
Should You Pay For Antivirus?
Danielle Chapman Danielle Chapman
5 days
We count down 5 antivirus features we think are worth paying for.  There are a whole bunch of great free antivirus options out there which are more than capable of protecting your computer from the vast majority of threats. However, is it a case of getting what you pay for, and is it worth upgrading to read more
Artificial Intelligence System Detects Regularly Missed Cancer Tumors with 95% Efficiency 
Euan Viveash Euan Viveash
5 days
The new AI system has a significantly higher success rate than trained specialists. Engineers and scientists from the Computer Vision Research Center at the University of Central Florida have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) System that can detect often missed tiny specread more
Apple Live Event: How Did They Improve The iPhone?
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
1 week
Apple unveiled the next generation of iPhones at the annual Apple Event CEO Tim Cook took the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater on Wednesday to share a few innovations from the Cupertino tech company, and the iPhone got its own special segment. After expounding on the great features of the iPhone X, Cook upped its read more
How To Speed Up A Slow Laptop Or Computer
Arianna Gael Arianna Gael
1 week
5 top tips to speed up your Windows system. Not too long ago, top-dollar technology started coming down in price, largely because consumers were expected to take advantage of the “planned obsolescence” that was built into the device. If you didn’t have the skillset to upgrade your memory, install a new mothread more