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Free Android emulator for PC

MEmu Android emulator allows you to utilize your PC to play games built for Android. The system hosts these variations of the OS; Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop, allowing you to play a wide range of games there. Also, it permits you to have several games running at the same time. Finally, the software enables your PC to connect to various gaming controls.

Gaming smoothly on your PC

So long as people who prefer to game on their computers want to play Android games, there will always be a need for emulators like MEmu. Microvirt created it to rival Bluestacks in this specific marketplace. The goal is to be able to play popular Android games on PCs so that the market is larger.

Even today, there are some severe limitations to emulation on PCs, including the heavy taxing of resources and the slow, laggy performance. However, Memu aims to defeat these issues by introducing several key features like support for Intel and AMD chips. Also, it provides strong support for various versions of Android.


Overall, it is a well-rounded program. This MEmu download comes pre-rooted, meaning you won’t need any other software to get root access; however, that can be changed in the settings. It is quite simple to get set up and start using it instantly. It allows instant APK installation right out of the box, which is a good feature.

Is MEmu a good emulator?

MEmu doesn’t have any major, unique problems with it. It typically experiences the issues that most Android emulators encounter, like resource-hogging, stuttering, and freezing.

It is not perfect with rendering graphics for games, unfortunately. However, this is an extremely taxing endeavor for any emulator. The program is trying to render both the environment in which the game has to be run and the game itself. As a result, you’ll likely notice some stuttering when playing games on high graphics. However, the engine renders the graphics well in terms of quality, even if the speed isn’t great.

At times, the framerate will drop out during playback or render. This problem isn’t the best situation when gaming, but when compared to Bluestacks, it does a better job. It can even run multiple games at a single time, and the performance won’t fall considerably.

Other aspects of the emulator respond smoothly. The controls, no matter which ones you use, will respond with equal speed. The user interface isn’t particularly special; however, it does have a display that acts much like a desktop, laying out all of your apps and games in an attractive manner.

It comes pre-connected to the Google Play Store. This setting allows you to easily search for and download games off the store and install them directly onto the device. This saves you the trouble of having to locate an APK you might otherwise be able to find more easily with the Play Store.

What features does MEmu have?

The application takes a great interest in allowing you to customize it to suit your needs or preferences. You can modify the action keys easily by clicking on the location where it should be activated on the screen and changing it.

You can choose all of these things from the sidebar available. One-click APK downloads are also key at making the experience smoother. You can use Operation Record to save pictures and videos of your play sessions.

MEmu works on every system from Windows 10 going back to Windows XP. In settings, you can set specific amounts of CPU and memory to specific games. You’ll be able to change how much of your system resource you bind depending on the game you’re playing. This customizability is part of what makes MEmu so attractive to its users. The system can also support 4K resolution, allowing HD playback for videos you can only find through certain Android apps.

Two last functions are fairly important. It acts as a VPN for games, which means it changes your location on the virtual GPS allowing you to talk to other people. Finally, it can be used as an emulator for developers as it comes with device model changes, SIM card changes, and other developing settings.

What is the fastest Android emulator?

Bluestacks is known for being one of the first Android emulators and is likely the most popular. However, when compared to MEmu, it falls short in its speed and functionality. MEmu stands up to stress testing better than Bluestacks does, and has far fewer issues with responsiveness.

Nox App Player is in active development at this point as well. It runs well and performs pretty equally to MEmu in terms of speed. It is quite similar to MEmu. It does have a better user interface, and the keyboard mapping is a bit more intuitive than MEmu. However, it doesn’t have as many customization options as MEmu has. This has the effect of being a bit more user friendly, but you may not get all the features and power you want out of Nox.

Much like the others, there are lags and crashes with LDPlayer. When compared to the others, the one place where it does not stack up is it cannot play games at 4k resolution. Other than that there isn’t much difference apart from the User Interface.

Powerful game rendering for PCs

If you are looking for an emulator to play the latest games on your computer, MEmu stands waiting for you to download it. When compared to other similar options, it does not fall short. If you like the design and haven’t found anything else, this software is the one to get.

The most recent changes were increasing the speed of the gaming and some small improvements to synchronism of games with the emulator.



MEmu 8.0.8 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Korean
Latest update:
Monday, October 31st 2022


MEmu for PC



User rating7


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