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Free Minecraft mod

RLCraft is a free Minecraft mod developed by the community. The mod requires you to own the Java edition of Minecraft for your computer. Additionally, you’ll need Minecraft Forge.

The mod makes the simple and fun game of Minecraft more realistic. To ensure your game runs smoothly you’ll need the Optifine mod. If you prefer a more relaxed game the Pixelmon mod is a fun alternative. However, for more challenging options the Curseforge launcher provides plenty of difficulties. 

Requires Minecraft 

RLCraft is a mod for the Java edition of Minecraft, requiring you to already own the game. Additionally, you’ll need to download the Forge API which allows mods to run on Minecraft. RLCraft lacks many world updates such as enhanced caves and an expanded Nether. 


Useable in multiplayer 

RLCraft is available in multiplayer mode but takes a bit of work to get it working You’ll need to follow a guide to set up your own server and install the mods. 

Increased difficulty 

Due to the many new features and changes that RLCraft introduces, the game is more difficult. As you watch your health bar and encounter the new mobs, you’ll need to think tactically. Properly preparing before venturing out could mean the difference between life and death. 


RLCraft is based on the idea of adding realism to the world of Minecraft, hence the ‘RL’ in the name. The mod adds a new mechanic requiring you to drink water to avoid the death of thirst. Additionally, you won't heal from injuries when your hunger bar is full and have to ensure you don’t freeze in cold weather. 


Installing the RLCraft mod is a quick and easy process. Installing the file manually requires you to place it in the mods folder with other mods you have. Additionally, you can install Curseforge launcher to ensure the mod stays up to date. 

Evolving the game 

RLCraft is a great way to enhance and change the way you play Minecraft. With new mobs, tools, and weapons, there's a lot to discover. However, you cannot heal your character by managing the thirst bar or with food.



RLCraft 1.12.2 for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7
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Monday, May 3rd 2021


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