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Keystroke logger

Free Keylogger is a monitoring software developed by IWantSoft. The program is in charge of capturing and recording every keystroke such as letters, numbers, enter key, and backspace. It also sends a report of the keys that have been used on the device. Keyloggers can be used for both personal and commercial use. For example, parents can use it to monitor their children’s searches and browsing activity. It can also be used to leakages in data and other classified information. You can download Free Keylogger on any Windows computer running Windows XP to Windows 10. 

Features and capabilities 

The central feature of this keystroke logging program is that it gives you access to a complete log of sentences, phrases, and words typed on the keyboard. This can include addresses, usernames, passwords, and other information you would find necessary. In addition, this keylogger for Windows shows which applications have recently been used. You will find the time the program name, the time it was launched, and the program’s path. This includes web browsers and each website that was visited. All these bits of information are reported on a daily basis. 

It will compile all the information and analyze which websites and programs were used the most. The analytics section allows you to set the start and end dates so it can filter it out from the log. A horizontal bar graph will appear indicating the most used applications and websites in descending order. Alongside each bar is the total number of minutes the user visited this program, the percent of time he spent on this program, and the program name. The also tells you the total number of active users that have visited these pages. 


With the information you have gathered, you can restrict or prohibit the use of any application or website. The program or domain name can be added to the Free Keylogger blacklist. In addition to typing in the program or website’s exact title, you can also add keywords or phrases that appear in the header of the active window or browser. Free Keylogger will automatically close the window of this website or program that fits these criteria. 

Configuration options

Free Keylogger is exclusively for desktops so it cannot send reports from the PC to your mobile phone. The developer makes up for this by automatically sending you a report to your email or Dropbox account, both of which have mobile applications. You can also receive reports through a file transfer protocol system or a local area network folder. To receive reports through email, you will need to configure a simple mail transfer protocol. You will need to consult your mail provider to obtain all the  SMTP information. 

The information will depend on your email provider or gives you the mailbox. For example, you have a Google account or GMail address, the input data will appear as follows: 

Send to:  

SMTP Server:

Port: 465.


Password: password to  

Security: TLS

Easy-to-use keystroke logger

Free Keylogger by IWantSoft is suitable for advanced users that want to monitor a particular person or a group of users’ computer activity. It has insights that can help you understand how the user/s spend their time on their PC. This can help you restrict their activity or keep them focused on essential tasks. The features are easy to use but delivering reports will be difficult for beginners to configure. Overall, Free Keylogger is a reliable and full-featured program you can use at home or at work.



Free Keylogger 5.5 for Windows
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Thursday, June 17th 2021


Free Keylogger for PC



User rating8


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