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Free game mod for Sims

MC Command Center is a free game modification that is made specifically for Sims 4. MCCC integrates into the Sims 4 game to let you easily customise your user experience. You can personalise an incredible number of elements with the MC Command Center.

MC Woohoo is an additional game mod created by the same developer. Deaderpool published both mods that complement each other. The Woohoo edition lets you determine your relationship preferences more than MC Command Center. While both of the programs let you manage the pregnancy settings of your Sims characters, the Woohoo version lets you tailor the experience further.

What does MC Command Center do?

MC Command Center delivers story progression elements that are missing in the regular Sims 4 game. MCCC makes the gaming experience more realistic. Plenty of autonomous capabilities are available to edit. The NPCs can get married and create families on their own with the mod. You can set the ages that the non-active Sims need to be before certain interactions take place.


MCCC lets you set a maximum number of children per household, including your own. You can precisely determine time periods with MC Command Center. The Sims clock can be adjusted to go slower or quicker. You can even set the speed to be in tandem with reality. This game mod even lets you decide how many days your player will be in each life stage.

The life stages that are available include baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder. MC Command Center lets you instantly switch the life stage that your player is experiencing. Extreme emotions can kill your Sims in Sims 4. You can disable mood-related deaths with the mod. Sims 4 features magical elements that you can turn off with MCCC.

You can switch off the ability to see aliens, bears, ghosts, mermaids, vampires, etc. The game lets you humanise the creatures to turn them into Sims. You can change tons of aesthetic components. The Sims appearances are completely customisable. You can adjust the sizes of body parts to be larger or smaller. MCCC lets you determine the resemblance between offspring and parents.

You can also make the children look identical or nothing like the mother and father. The platform lets you choose the type of walk that you want your Sims to have after a certain age. An important component of MCCC is the ability to change the amount of money your players earn. The money can come from child support, employment, inheritances, etc.

You can also dress your Sims in a full change of clothing or make your characters become pregnant. A brief description of the character will be at the top of the menu. You can see information about their age, career, home, parents, partner, etc. 

Is MC Command Center worth it?

MC Command Center is a wealth of information that you can get for free. The game mod lets you customise Sims 4 more than other mods. The MCCC menu is non-intrusive and you will only notice that the software is installed when you click on the computer, mailbox, players, or tablet as each point caters to a specific menu.

The computer menu is the main MC Command Center that lets you determine the majority of the numerical settings. Here, you set important markers in the device menus. Age and population statistics are available in the electronic menus. Maximum and minimum amounts are shown to let you know the range.

The mailbox menu is filled with the Sims 4 UI cheats that are available to take advantage of. Cheats often let you impact the entire society instead of only your players. You can customise the world time and seasons. A large list of weather conditions is available in the MC Cheats menu. The Sim menus let you apply immediate changes to your Sims. The ‘MC Cheats’ section in the Sim menu lets you quickly boost your Sims.

Essential mod for Sims 4

MC Command Center integrates into Sims 4 to let you tailor the gameplay to your preferences. MCCC gives you creative and logical components to edit. The platform will require you to restart Sims 4 for almost all of the setting changes. 

MC Command Center is safe to get on your Microsoft Windows PC computer or laptop devices.

What’s new?

The developers release new software updates often. The latest version is the best one to have integrated into the Sims 4 because you will get the most recent optimisations.



MC Command Center 2023.1.3 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Wednesday, April 5th 2023


MC Command Center for PC



User rating9


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