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Beyond Compare 4.0.6

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By Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)

# Notable Changes
- Added support for non-interactively importing .bcpkg files.
- Fixed SSL/TLS connection issues.
# Cloud Services
- Changed secure connections to use TLS 1.0-1.2 rather than SSL3 and TLS 1.0.
# Command Line
- A settings package file (.bcpkg) can now be imported non-interactively from the command line using bcompare <filename> /silent
# Folder Compare
- Fixed connecting to a UNC path without permission to access parent folders.
- Failed/cancelled copies will now delete partially transferred files if the target file was created during the copy.
- Fixed high-DPI scaling of Browse dialog's "Quick Connect" panels.
# Folder Sync
- Fixed long translations of preset descriptions overwriting the summary label.
# Misc
- Fixed support for canceling update downloads.
# Scripting
- OS X/Linux: Fixed support for "~/log.txt" style filenames in "LOG" command.
# Text Merge
- Fixed issues with lines that only exist in the ancestor file when that panel is hidden in the display.
# WebDAV
- Fixed problems connecting to older SSL servers.
- Fixed folders showing within themselves.
- Fixed support for filenames containing '#'.
# Crashes
- Fixed Hex Compare crash when resizing view.
- Fixed MP3/Registry/Version Compare crash when using Find with no items visible.
- Windows: Fixed crash when another application has the clipboard open.
- Fixed crash when reading files with malformed UTF-8 sequences.
- OS X: Fixed folder browse dialog crash when $HOME is set to a non-standard location.
- Fixed crash when importing sessions