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File-sharing application

4shared is a peer-to-peer file-sharing software. It comes with a simple interface and intuitive commands, making the app very easy to use. You can search for and download various types of files, including MP3, AVI, MP4, and RAR archives. Upload and download speeds will vary based on the strength of your internet connection. If you’re familiar with the old school LimeWire, you’d know exactly what to do with this app.

Sharing made easy

4shared is a desktop application developed by New IT Solutions Ltd., available for free. The app is compatible with Windows 10 as well and is completely safe to use. If you’re using the free version, you’re allowed 15GB of storage in their servers. When you decide to upgrade, you will have up to 100GB of cloud storage available.

Another thing you’d notice is the daily traffic limit. You’re allowed to share files up to 60GB in total (30GB for uploads and 30GB for downloads). These are pretty generous limits; you’d be hard-pressed to break this cap with just audio and image files.


The largest individual file size that you’re permitted to upload is 2GB, which is actually on the smaller end for similar services.

There are a lot of file-sharing platforms that offer the same service quality as 4shared. Some of them, like Dropbox, have even better features such as faster backup and more storage. The only saving grace here is that 4shared is much faster and easier to use. On top of that, the files you’re able to download bypass regional restrictions. So, it’s like a built-in VPN.

Upload and download

You don’t need that many options when trying to upload something. 4shared lets you upload either individual files or an entire folder. If you choose to share a whole folder, whoever downloads it will receive all the files inside of it.

The same thing is true when you’re downloading a folder; you’re going to receive all of the files inside of that folder. The process is fast and takes up very little of your bandwidth (aside from the size of the files themselves). You can have multiple files going in and out at the same time, and it wouldn’t slow down your connection one bit.

4shared gives you a lot more freedom and control over your uploaded files. You can choose to share them on the 4shared website or social media (Twitter, Facebook). Premium users can create a personal link for their shared files to give to coworkers or friends. This allows for private sharing as the only people who can download those files are the ones with your direct link. This is similar to Mediafire, where you’ll usually receive a link to a file before you can download it.

Downloading is a little strange. It’s still very fast, but you don’t get notified upon completion like you would with most other programs. The files simply disappear into thin air from the interface when the download is finished. You’d have to manually open the designated folder to find them. One more thing to keep in mind is that the files you download sometimes bypass scanning by your antivirus software, which can present risks to your computer or any sensitive information you may have stored. Make sure you trust the sources you’re sharing from, as 4shared doesn’t have any built-in file track, verification, or antivirus.

Other settings

4shared has some useful settings for those who are particular about their files and their locations. You can decide where your downloads will go once finished. It’s best to create a separate folder for these files before starting. Users can also adjust the speed of the downloads. This helps with a slower connection and prevents overworking your bandwidth if you’re having issues.

The same adjustments apply for uploads. Choose the directories for all your files when they get uploaded online. You can always go back and edit the location for each file. 4shared lets you decide whether or not each download will start immediately, i.e upon click. It’s best to utilize this feature when you’re organizing a queue and want to prioritize the important or larger files.

No encryption

The biggest pain point for 4shared is the lack of encryption. There’s no protection for files when you upload, and no protection for any data contained in the files when someone downloads them. File-transfer services are notoriously packed with viruses and, in some professional cases, sensitive data. Encryption is a necessary feature for a service like this, and it’s strangely missing from 4shared.

This would be an even worse issue if you could sync files with other devices running 4shared, but you can’t do that either. Another weakness is the inability to track files. You can’t validate the identity of the recipient, control their download bandwidth (since you have limits as well), or set your download links to expire. These are critical features for file-sharing.

Convenient and accessible

For those users who used to get all their music and videos via the legendary LimeWire, 4shared will be a reasonable replacement; however, the inherent risks are quite similar since 4shared has no user protection. More compact and powerful than its predecessor, this app completely gets rid of the long hours of waiting just for one song to be played. Moreover, 4shared comes with a built-in proxy, letting you swerve around certain restrictions. Apps that aren’t legal in some countries can be found on 4shared server.

4shared is legal in most countries. Overall, the performance is strong and reliable. You’d hardly run into any disconnects or failed downloads. The fact that it’s a desktop application makes it a little better than browser-based services like MEGA, as you don’t spend too much of your data to use it.



4shared Desktop for Windows
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Wednesday, July 21st 2021


4shared Desktop for PC


User rating8


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