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Classic internet browser

Internet Explorer for Mac is a web browser developed by Microsoft for Mac OS X 10.6 and older. It also requires 8 MB RAM (not including Virtual Memory), 12 MB hard disk space, Open Transport 1.2, and QuickTime 3.0. It is fitted with the Tasman browser engine to transform HTML documents and other resources from a web page into an interactive digital representation on your device. IE for Mac supports PNG image standard, DOCTYPE switching, Text Zoom, and XML source view. The web browser can also be used as a compatibility solution for websites that are not compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. 


Browser for older web apps 

Internet Explorer for Apple devices differs from Windows in that it uses a Tasman layout engine. This allows it to support HTML 4.0, CSS Level 1, DOM Level 1, and ECMAScript. It also has features not found in other web browsers. One is the scrapbook feature which allows you to archive any web page in its present code or appearance. You can also hold a rendered web page in the sidebar using the Page Holder tool. It displays web pages in the main browser window. You could also compile links using the links-only view. 

Microsoft cautions users that browse with Internet Explorer. It does not have the Advanced Encryption Standard as its predecessors, so it can be easily accessed by hackers and viruses. It is best to use IE with a VPN to ensure that your browsing activity remains private. 

Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for Mac
  • Mac OS X
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Finnish,
  • Swedish,
  • Russian,
  • Portuguese,
  • Chinese,
  • Greek,
  • Hindi,
  • Dutch,
  • Catalan,
  • Chinese,
  • Portuguese,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Turkish,
  • Danish,
  • Polish,
  • Galician,
  • Italian,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Czech,
  • Spanish,
  • Norwegian,
  • Basque,
  • German,
  • Arabic
Date added:
Thursday, March 12th 2020


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