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Chromium-based web browser

Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based web browser that has a built-in tracker blocker and malware detector. These features ensure your search history and personal information remain secure. This also includes a ‘no log’ feature which means Microsoft will not store your browsing activity, internet files, and cookies in your device. Other features such as InPrivate tabs and Microsoft Defender SmartScreen keep you away from websites that show suspicious activity or behavior associated with phishing and viruses. This combination of security and productivity tools will help you browse safely and efficiently. 


Security features

The main draw of Microsoft Edge is its three major security features: Tracker blocker, InPrivate browsing mode, and the Defender SmartScreen. These prevent unauthorized users from seeing or accessing your data. For example, the Tracker blocker stops data miners and advertisers from extracting insights from you. This includes the links you click on and the pages you view In addition to blocking users, it comes with three levels of protection: Basic, Balanced, and Strict. 

You can select any of the three levels, but Microsoft recommends you use the Balanced level to websites you have not visited - but are related to your recent computer activity - from tracking you. This is suitable for those that do not want content and advertisements to be personalized for them. Should you want a specific website to send ads that are relevant to your search. You can avail of more security measures by browsing in incognito mode. This prevents the browser and your device from creating a log of your searches. 

The last layer of protection Edge has is the cloud-based, anti-phishing, and anti-malware scanner. It is in charge of analyzing web pages before you open them. Once it detects any potential threats, it will display a warning page before redirecting you to the site. This gives you time to report if the site is safe or not. By detecting a false positive threat, Edge continues to learn which websites are safe. 

Smart browsing 

Microsoft Edge has its own web search tool called Collections. It collects, organizes, shares, and export, web pages to Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. One way to add an active page is through the context menu. This will enable you to select an image, text, link, and other content to your collection. 

Everything that has been uploaded to the Collections page will be displayed on a visual card so you can tell them apart. On each card is the site’s image, page title, and website name. This will help you whenever you need to refer back to a page as you will simply need to click on its card. 

Beyond the Windows ecosystem

Microsoft Edge integrates itself in the operating system instead of directly competing with other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Its features focus on browsing and storing information and media you’re interested in. In terms of security, it is limited to blocking trackers, malware, and phishing attempts. These are basic security features so you will not have to interact with malicious websites while you’re browsing. 

Microsoft Edge 80.0.361.109 for Mac
  • Mac OS X
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Friday, July 3rd 2020


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