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A VPN network connection utility

AutoVPNConnect is a free and straightforward piece of software that lets users automatically establish a VPN connection. Quick and efficient, it saves time while protecting your sensitive data. The program keeps the network connection open even when not in use for convenient security. It is compatible with many devices and VPNs.

Staying safe on the Internet

Your IP address is your unique identifier online, and it is the number one aspect you want to keep hidden from hackers.

Moreover, when you're accessing public WiFi hotspots, you're putting yourself in danger of viruses, scams, malware, and even data thieves.


A VPN, or a virtual private network, allows you to create a secure Internet connection. For this reason, it's handy to use a programme that manages your access to VPNs. AutoVPNConnect by Marius van Horssen is one of such tools.

Automatic connections

Once you install this utility and launch it for the first time, it will search for a proper configuration file on your device. If it doesn't find one, then it will redirect you to the Configuration tab where you can select an active VPN.

Each time you start your device after this, it will automatically detect and connect to VPNs. It runs smoothly on any computer; however, it is for Windows only. On the plus side, it covers all editions of Windows OS.

You can also place the programme in your Windows Startup folder. That way, you'll connect to the private network as soon as you log in.

Benefits of a VPN

Having a programme such as AutoVPNConnect on your device ensures that you don't have to connect to networks every time you browse manually. Note, though, that it will use bandwidth to stay open.

Apart from keeping you safe online, this tool will grant you access to all the restricted websites in your area. If your workplace or government prevents you from viewing specific content, you’ll be able to access it with a VPN.

Staying connected

Windows devices come with built-in VPN clients. AutoVPNConnect works with these clients and configures the network, so it keeps running in the background.

Programme features

This programme is extremely lightweight and uses a minimal amount of system resources. Apart from the burden on bandwidth, you won't feel that it is there.

Furthermore, it boasts an extremely straightforward interface. Since it is primarily meant for individual use, installing, setting up, and using the software come with a slight learning curve.

Finally, it's designed with convenience in mind. Once you configure it, it runs autonomously in the background and requires no attention from the user.

Note about versions

All versions of this programme before 3.0 have been removed from use. This one and the following variants are much safer and more reliable, as well as easier to install and use.

If you happen to be running an older version, consider replacing it. Among other things, 3.0 encrypts your password, has lower CPU requirements, and stores settings in the Windows registry. The UI is also much improved and the installer, simpler to follow.

An even later edition, 3.1, allows you to close the programme from your Systems Tray and lets you know whether the application is already running as you start your PC.

Is AutoVPNConnect safe?

AutoVPNConnect is safe, considering that it's a licensed freeware for Windows PCs and laptops with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.


There are many VPN services out there, with different focuses to suit various users. For example, NordVPN would be a better choice for businesses due to its larger number of servers and dedication to security.

Since AutoVPNConnect is for Windows, you won't be able to use it on Mac or Linux. In that case, try the free ProtonVPN for Mac or TorGuard VPN for Linux.

If you need worldwide access and are ready to pay for it, ExpressVPN could be your best bet with its plethora of servers and military-grade protection.

A handy connector

All in all, AutoVPNConnect is a great, reliable solution for automatically accessing configured VPN connections and browsing the Web free of restrictions. It’s quite quick and allows a lot of control with respect to configuration. The issue is the limitations placed on VPNs and operating systems, which makes it a solution only for people who meet the criteria.



AutoVPNConnect 3.1 for Windows
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Monday, June 12th 2023
Marius van Horssen


AutoVPNConnect for PC


Marius van Horssen(Free)

User rating7


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