A so called 'Adobe Reader' with the installer not made by Adobe, and presumably not distributed with their approval? From a small 'author' who doesn't even list this program at their rather hacker-looking website? Containing an ancient, early version of the very old Adobe Reader 9, and whatever else 'Shark007' (a real trust-inspiring name) has added to it (no one knows)?

All this when a more recent, more secure version of Adobe Reader 9 is available *free* from the Adobe website. And the *way* more recent, *way* more secure *also free* Adobe reader DC is available from them too. In a Classic Track version without a lot of the gumph in their Continuous Track version, too (though only the Continuous Track version gets frequent security updates).

FileHippo management, did you know that only *major* virus variants are detected by virus checkers? FILEHIPPO MANAGEMENT, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING IN ALLOWING THIS SOFTWARE TO BE DISTRIBUTED BY YOU AT ALL????????????? I'll be reporting this to Adobe shortly, I suggest you take this page down before the Adobe legal department forces you to.