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Free chemistry-based platformer

Alkali is a free precision platformer by developer Sleipner Games that’s free for Windows. Your character is the titular alkali, so during the game, you’ll use your alkalic properties to get past the obstacles blocking your path. You’ll use naturally occurring chemical reactions to perform explosive jumps and other abilities.

Due to your natural characteristics, even making (slight) contact with a saw isn't necessarily the end of you. As long as a sliver of you remains, you can keep going. For an old-school platformer and a more modern take on the formula, check out Peeb Adventures and Dizzy The Adventurer.


In Alkali, you must use chemistry-based mechanics to propel yourself through the game and avoid obstacles with powerful jumps. Sometimes, you'll need to grow your character to get past specific points on a level. You can do this by collecting lumps of metal until you're large enough.


Your adventure will take you through 16 levels split between two worlds. There are also a further ten levels across two dark worlds. If you decide to take a completist route to beat the game, it should take around ten hours.

Level editor

This game includes a fully functional level editor. You can design your own levels and then include them in the game. The clever thing about having this game mode is that you'll never run out of fun levels to play. There’s also full custom level support.


The game keeps things simple. You can control the game either with your keyboard or any gamepad. There are specific keybindings for different actions, which you’ll learn as you play Alkali. You won’t find any over-complicated button combinations as with most modern AAA titles.

Interesting game

Alkali is a somewhat unusual game because it's a traditional-looking side-scrolling platformer that’s inspired by chemistry. It works well because it requires manual dexterity as well as chemical reactions with your character and the environment.

The graphics are pleasingly old school, resembling those of the Nintendo 64 console. Alkali is a fun game that requires you to think slightly more than a standard platformer.



Alkali 0.4.4 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Wednesday, September 15th 2021
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Sleipner Games(Free)

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