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Free cartoon adventure game for Windows

Dizzy the Adventurer is a side-scrolling, cartoon-based adventure game for Windows featuring Dizzy the egg. You travel throughout the countryside as Dizzy, looking for various items, solving puzzles, escaping predicaments and helping others save Daisy. It’s free to download with an option to donate to the developers. It’s similar to games like Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk, Bonesweeper, and Spud's Quest. 

The Storyline

Dizzy and Daisy are two Yolkfolk who are in love. While they’re looking for Pogie and Fluffle in the Enchanted Forest, they happen to stumble upon the concealed entrance to the old castle of the evil wizard Zaks. 

Zaks had cast a spell over an old spinning wheel to catch Dizzy, but Daisy found it instead and pricked herself while exploring the castle with Dizzy. Daisy falls into a magical spell and is taken by Borris the Troll and locked in a dark prison. It’s up to Dizzy to find and save Daisy in this fantastic adventure game.



You travel all over the fantasy landscape through a tree-borne neighbourhood, a cloud walkway and two castles, then back again. You’ll find items, solve puzzles and help others along the way. Some of the unfortunate characters needing help are Leo the Lion, who has a thorn in his paw, and the Juggler, who has lost his balls. 

Finding items isn’t complicated, but deciding how to use them to solve the puzzles is a challenge. You can also only hold three items at a time; you can access the rest of the items at a later time.

Controls, graphics and sound

Dizzy is a tough egg that can handle a lot of damage, and he’s also easy to control as a playable character. He walks, jumps and executes his famous egg forward roll somersault. He has to avoid water though, as it’s harmful to him. The graphics are detailed and beautiful, with a great-looking conversation screen. The music is soothing, but both the graphics and sound can become monotonous if you experience the same scene too often.

Challenging gameplay

Dizzy the Adventurer is a solid, easy to control game offering good, clean fun. It requires Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 8 to play. The puzzles are surprisingly challenging and not as straightforward as they seem, making this an ideal game for all ages.



Dizzy The Adventurer 1.0 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 8
Latest update:
Monday, May 10th 2021


Dizzy The Adventurer for PC


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