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Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9.12

By MOBAC  (Open Source)
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- Mapsource OpenStreetMap updated
- Reduced the number of decimal places of coordinates in GPX files created by MOBAC to 5 places
- Custom multi-layer map sources: Each layer can now have an alpha transparency value, specified as space separated list in <layersAlpha> element
- Bufix of conversion between different coordinate formats (degree, deg/min, deg/min/sec)
- localImageFile support using <retinaDisplay>
- More atlas format support retina (scale = 2) images, including Paper(PNG), Paper(pdf).
- More atlas format can display retina (scale = 2) images correctly (convert to scale = 1), such as iPhone v5
- Add <localImageFile> map source support
- Bug fix of 512x512 map tile images in Multiple layer
- Multiple language for Simplify-Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English
- View 512x512 map tile images for retina display