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TypingMaster: Elevating your typing skills

Are you looking to refine your typing prowess? Meet TypingMaster – an all-encompassing tool designed to elevate your typing skills, both in speed and precision. Offering a user-friendly interface and a spectrum of lessons and practice tests, TypingMaster stands out among similar tools like Sonma Typing Expert for its performance analysis and engaging learning modules. However, if you want to know where it stands out, here is a quick explanation.

What is TypingMaster?

TypingMaster is a comprehensive software designed to improve typing skills, focusing on both speed and accuracy. It offers a user-friendly interface with various lessons, practice tests, and interactive games aimed at enhancing typing proficiency. 

The program provides personalized training, continuous feedback, and performance analysis to help users identify strengths and weaknesses in their typing abilities. With modules dedicated to touch typing skills and integration with online typing trainers, TypingMaster serves as a valuable tool for individuals looking to refine their typing capabilities.

Is TypingMaster free?

TypingMaster offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides access to essential features such as lessons, practice tests, and some interactive games. However, the premium version, which might offer additional features like the Satellite function to track typing skills outside the program, usually comes at a cost. 

The availability of features in the free version might vary, and users can upgrade to the premium version for a more comprehensive experience. Click here and explore the latest plans.

Why to use TypingMaster?

The strength of TypingMaster lies in its various modules, each dedicated to enhancing your typing proficiency. Its primary focus revolves around engaging users with multiple practice tests and lessons, fostering touch typing skills over approximately ten hours of immersive learning. This dedication results in significant improvements in typing speed and accuracy.

Unlike some alternatives such as Avro Keyboard and NCH Keyblaze, TypingMaster's standout feature is its compatibility with various online typing trainers, enabling seamless profile imports for immediate learning. Its integration with games like WordTris and Bubbles adds an interactive element, making the learning experience enjoyable while practicing typing skills.

One of TypingMaster's defining aspects is its robust performance tracking. The analysis widget, akin to an odometer overlay, provides real-time performance metrics, allowing users to focus on their actual typing proficiency. Though some might find the overlay intrusive initially, it proves invaluable in pinpointing areas for improvement.

How does TypingMaster track performance?

Compared to IntelliType Pro and similar apps, TypingMaster is a comprehensive free tool to improve your typing skills. The best part is that the program comes with an analysis widget. You can run the widget along with other programs to track performance. It appears as an overlay display on your desktop, and looks similar to an odometer. It won’t be wrong to consider the analysis widget to be the most integral part of the program. With real-time tracking, it lets you focus on real-world typing performance.

With the analysis widget, you can keep a check on capitals, mistyped words, and different keys on the keyboard to get a detailed report of shortcomings. For some users, the screen overlay can feel intrusive. However, you get used to the interface within a few hours. Moreover, the window can be conveniently minimized without much trouble.

Unlike other programs, TypingMaster focuses on visual training. It allows you to memorize certain mistakes, which lets you work harder on specific areas. With some basic exercises, Typing Master allows you to learn several typing techniques, including correct finger placement. Once you finish a lesson, the tool gives a detailed review of mistakes, errors, and areas that need improvement.

While using TypingMaster, you can benefit from a wide range of lessons, typing tests, and interactive games. The visual teaching style allows you to learn typing in a helpful and engaging manner. Most importantly, the colour-coded display in the program lets you visualize every aspect of typing on a physical keyboard with a numeric keypad.

Should you download TypingMaster?

As mentioned earlier, TypingMaster’s interface looks a bit outdated. However, it’s the only issue with the program. Available for Windows PCs, this tool is much better than competing titles in the marketplace. While it’s not available for mobile devices, PCs are anyway a good medium to improve your typing. Moreover, the premium version provides you with additional features like Satellite.

In simple terms, the latest version of TypingMaster is similar to a comprehensive typing course. It comes with a wide range of lessons to help you learn typing with ease. Moreover, constant feedback and recommendations allow you to identify problem areas and solve them instantly. The interactive typing games make sure you don’t get bored and continue to focus on the learning experience. Last but not least, TypingMaster offers a free desktop widget, which displays words per minute to track speed.

A straightforward, simple, and useful tool!

In essence, TypingMaster is a comprehensive typing course packaged into a single tool. Its varied lessons, coupled with insightful feedback and engaging games, make it a must-have for beginners seeking to refine their typing speed and accuracy. Although seasoned typists might find it less appealing, for novices and enthusiasts keen on mastering typing skills, TypingMaster is an invaluable asset.

TypingMaster emerges as a definitive solution for those striving to perfect their typing abilities. Its simple yet effective approach, coupled with an array of engaging exercises and insightful feedback, marks it as an essential tool for anyone venturing into the realm of typing proficiency. 

Whether a beginner or an enthusiast, TypingMaster can improve your typing skills.


TypingMaster 10.1 for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 11
Available languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Dutch,
  • Portuguese,
  • Swedish
Latest update:
Friday, December 1st 2023

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User rating8


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