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An easy to use remote desktop software

TightVNC is a free and useful system utility tool that can help you remotely control another computer. Designed for Windows, TightVNC is derived from the popular VNC program and is an ideal solution for administrators and IT professionals. The application is easy to use and saves a lot of time and travel hassle. 

As a remote desktop software, TightVNC download lets users view the screen of a remote PC. They can then control the computer by using their keyboard and mouse. The only requisite is that they have a password needed to connect to the remote desktop. A few alternatives that offer similar features are AnyDesk, Ammyy Admin, Ultraviewer, and VNC Viewer

What is TightVNC used for?

TightVNC is a remote desktop software, which means that it lets users control computers that are present in another location. One of its primary uses is to provide troubleshooting support remotely. For instance, IT professionals can remotely access a desktop in the office to provide technical support without actually moving from their desk. TightVNC can also be used for training purposes and fixing issues from a remote location. 


Derived from the standard VNC software, the latest version of TightVNC comes with various new features, bug fixes, and improvements. The overall performance of the remote desktop application has also improved. It now works well on modem connections that are often slow and provides several customisable settings for servers. It also includes a new Java viewer.

Is TightVNC easy to install?

Once you complete the TightVNC download on your Windows desktop, you’ll notice that the installation hardly takes any time. However, depending on the network you’re using, you may have to set a few forwarding rules on your router. While the installation process is going on, the installer may ask you to install the server and viewer. It will also ask you to sign up for different mailing lists and to create passwords for administrators and remote desktop viewers.

Does the app have a simple interface?

One of the best things about downloading TightVNC on your computer is that it has an interface that sits right with the classic Windows design. That not only makes the application easy to use but also adds a touch of familiarity. In addition to this, the app comes with various configuration options that let you access and control IP addresses, complete authentication requests, and set listening ports. 

What are the features of TightVNC Software?

With TightVNC software, you can access a remote desktop and work on it in real-time. Any speed delays that you notice will only be because of the connection speed and the processor used. All VNC encoding options are supported by TightVNC, which means users can expect highly efficient algorithms that help in remotely working on another desktop. 

In addition to this, the software processes the cursor movements locally, thereby avoiding unnecessary updates that pop up on the screen. In case you’re unable to see high-quality images, you can use the optional compression tool to efficiently manage the colour on the screen. TightVNC includes a Java viewer that supports tight encoding and 24-bit colour modes. It also has a built-in HTTP server. 

The latest version of the lightweight remote desktop application supports the setting of two passwords. These passwords can help administrators set permission levels and prevent unauthorised access to remote computers. TightVNC also lets users configure several options, automate SST tunnelling via the Unix version, check source code, and choose port numbers for different connections. 

Is TightVNC Software safe?

TightVNC is safe to download and use. However, it’s worth mentioning that the application doesn’t include any advanced security features. While TightVNC encodes passwords, all other traffic remains unencrypted. That means using the app over the internet can be a security risk. Nevertheless, GlavSoft, the company behind TightVNC, intends to add this feature in a future release. 

Should I download TightVNC?

If you’re looking for a lightweight and feature-rich remote desktop access solution, download TightVNC. Designed for Windows 10 and below computers. TightVNC lets you control and provide troubleshooting support to remote desktops. The application is free to download and features a familiar interface. It includes a Java viewer and provides real-time remote access

Cursor movements are also localised, thereby reducing several updates. In addition to this, TightVNC lets users set two passwords to prevent unauthorised use. Once downloaded, users can configure various options, check source code, and automate SST tunnelling. 



TightVNC 2.8.63 for Windows
  • Windows NT,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 2003,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Friday, January 28th 2022


TightVNC for PC



User rating6


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