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Free retro adventure

The Telwynium is a free point-and-click adventure game that uses a retro style reminiscent of the Sierra SCI0. Developed by Powerhoof, the title follows your character after your home burns by the hands of Shadowfell. The gameplay and style are dated, yet the story is compelling and requires strategic thinking.

The Telwynium has a unique retro style that isn't seen in many modern games, as they typically focus on graphics and advanced gameplay features. However, alternatives such as Cuphead, Deepest Sword and Streets of Rage 4 are great, retro-like games to play. 

Strategic adventure

As a point-and-click title, The Telwynium requires you to consider each action you take while playing. The game is mainly played as an adventure, yet it’s also a puzzle strategy title.


Retro graphics

The Telwynium uses retro graphics that are nostalgic to anyone who's played on a Sierra SCI0. Each object on the screen is made using pixel art with a limited colour palette. This rendition creates a vibrant and somewhat realistic feeling as you play.


The interface of the game uses pixel art to display all your items and list the options available. While this model fits the graphics style, it isn't always easy to read. Aside from text, there are symbols that represent each type of cursor for the actions you perform.

Simple gameplay

The Telwynium plays primarily through the use of your mouse, with each click producing a different effect. Left-clicking can move you across the screen, make you examine items, open your inventory and use items. Right-clicking has less utility but can make you change your cursor or unequip an item.

Fantasy setting

This game follows a deep fantasy setting, involving concepts such as the Shadowfell and golems made from mud and stone. As you travel, you'll encounter creatures and locations inspired by the realm of fantasy. 

Adventure with care

The Telwynium is a great game to play, even though it can feel dated due to its retro style. However, this art style perfectly fits the genre of point-and-click games, which were generally designed for older consoles. Through the dated graphics, the game feels nostalgic and fun.



The Telwynium 1.0 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Wednesday, August 4th 2021


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User rating8


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