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Offline flash video player

SWF Player is a free flash player that operates without an Internet connection. It reads metatags and is an excellent third-party solution for devices that lack Flash capability browsers. Its lack of features and low-system requirements make it ideal for use on low-spec machines like the Raspberry Pi or older computer systems, often found at schools and some businesses.

This is your go-to app if you need to play flash videos quickly. It supports multiple files on a single playlist, plays both embedded and external SWF files, has a low memory footprint with simple controls and is reliable when your bandwidth is severely restricted or offline. If you prefer to use an advanced player with more features, try the VLC Media Player.

What are SWF files?

Small web files (SWF) are multimedia files that can contain animation, vector graphics, sounds and videos. Adobe Flash has been the de facto standard for web browser-based media streaming for quite some time now. They provide a high level of control over how video is played back through the use of the ActionScript programming environment.


SWF files can be embedded in websites and run on various platforms. These include iOS devices, Android devices, Macs and Windows computers. In addition to this, they also work on Linux machines with the Adobe Flash plugin installed. 

Flash files used to be popular on the Internet as a way of providing multimedia content. However, with HTML5 and its own native streaming capabilities now supported by most browsers, Flash has become less important.

Why Play SWF files?

Although SWF files aren't as popular as they were in the past, there are still many places you'll encounter them. For example, they're often used as adverts on websites or embedded in articles. These are generally used to present information quickly and occasionally to provide video content.

Playing SWF files offline opens the possibility of playing the content without needing to go through another service or even having an Internet connection. This may be critical in certain situations, such as on aeroplanes that don't allow you to use an Internet browser that can play flash files.

SWF Player features

With SWF, you can play and embed external SWF files. You can play SWF files from a network share or from a USB drive. If your computer lacks an optical drive, this lets you copy the files to a USB device and use them in that way. 

You can also keep multiple directories of SWF files on a single playlist. This means that if you have a couple of SWF files, they will automatically be combined and played in the correct order. You can also save the playlist for later use or load an existing one.

The player has a meta tag reader to help provide information about the SWF files. It can read information from the file's metatags, which can help you to discover information about the video content.

The player is minimalistic and easy to understand. Its controls are intuitive, and it has a very small memory footprint. It loads files quickly and starts playing them almost instantly for an impressive performance overall. Add files via drag & drop or with the Open File dialogue, and can open files in preview mode for easier navigation.

The SWF file player has all-around support for most major formats. It can play videos in FLV, MP4, AVI and MKV containers out of the box without needing to install any codecs. Additionally, playing SWF files doesn't require any internet access, and its low system requirements mean that you can run it on older hardware without much effort.

How to install SWF Player

To install, download the appropriate package and run the installer. But. before you begin, remember to close any running programs during installation.

Please note that SWF Player does not support streaming content due to how Adobe accesses information in SWF files. Users are encouraged to use a ‘Flash Video Player’ for that functionality or other alternatives.

Simple but gets the job done

SWF Player is a media player you can rely on for presentations or use with video files on limited bandwidth connections. Its intuitive controls and small memory footprint make it a great tool for casual use. If you need to play SWF files on your computer, this is a valid option.

However, if you need more features, consider downloading VLC Media Player instead. In addition to having a better performance overall, it's more customizable and can even play streaming content.



SWF Player 2.6 for Windows
  • Windows 98 SE,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 98,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows ME
Latest update:
Monday, February 21st 2022


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