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Free adventure RPG

Mimi and Animals is a free-to-play game made with the RPG Maker engine for Windows computers. The title follows Mimi as she embarks on an adventure and receives help from various animals. While the game is interactive, it's easily completed within two hours.

Mimi and Animals is a fun and small title; however, there are many other alternatives that you’ll enjoy playing, such as Undertale. Haven is a wholesome romantic adventure title exploring the relationship between two lovers stranded on an uncolonised planet. World of Pets is a great game to play if you enjoy collecting unique animals. 

The Story

Mimi and Animals is a fun and simple title with a small story to tell. The game follows Mimi as she travels through the world on her own adventure. While on her journey, she receives help from many different forest animals and other pets.



The game provides a generic and wholesome story, one following a young girl through a happy-go-lucky adventure. There’s no extreme violence or any sexual content to be found within this title. The worst you’ll find are meme animals that make a joke in their interactions.

RPG Maker

Mimi and Animals was created using the RPG Maker MZ software, which has limitations with its graphics, playstyle, menus, and combat system. These limitations can make many titles created with the same software repetitive. However, for titles that aim to tell a story, using this engine is perfect, and results in Mimi and Animals telling its tale with ease.

Colourful and cute

You’ll find the simple yet colourful style of pixel art beautiful to behold. This use of colour is seen through the world, its inhabitants, and any of the animals you encounter. The use of this style makes the game feel lighthearted and fun.

Easy to run

Mimi and Animals is a simple game that requires only that you download it before playing. Once you’ve installed the title you can start playing by clicking the .exe file.

Cute and simple

Mimi and Animals is an extremely fun and cute title developed in the RPG Maker engine. This game engine can feel repetitive as it is commonly used and provides limited features. Overall, the bright and colourful world of this title is a joy to explore.

The title has had small updates but is completed and offers a full playthrough when you download it. There is no price to pay when downloading this game.



Mimi and animals 1.0 for Windows
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Japanese
Latest update:
Sunday, September 26th 2021


Mimi and animals for PC



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