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Free RPG for Windows

What’s up in a Kharkiv bomb shelter from Dahuanna is a free RPG for Windows. The title’s name is very descriptive since this game is literally about what happens in Kharkiv bomb shelters, according to the developer’s point of view.

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine and has withstood shelling as part of the Russian invasion. This game has simple pixel-art graphics like titles in the genre, like those found in games such as Mimi and animals, UNITALE and Undertale, and tells a compelling tale of what living in a wartime shelter would feel like. 

Haunting RPG

Despite its simple, old-school graphics,  this is an RPG to the core. The main character engages in well-written conversations with other refugees and goes on quests, including looking for food outside. Clearly, the aim is to survive the attacks. 


Even though it’s short and simplistic in how you play the game, it’s still haunting. The reality of war, dealing with other people, and surviving, are the main elements here rather than the mechanics of performing the actions themselves.

Retro-inspired graphics

What’s up in a Kharkiv bomb shelter is very basic in terms of graphics and sound. The pixel-style graphics are more Atari-2600 than SNES.

It doesn’t mean they’re bad, and in fact, you can even it’s even possible to distinguish some characters’ features, but it would only appeal to hardcore fans of the genre.

The same goes for its very 80s-style music and sound effects. All of it feels a bit strange given its present-day setting,

A statement shaped like a game

What’s up in a Kharkiv bomb shelter is both a game and a message. The game is fine, but the message it conveys is what makes it stand out. Beneath the barely-tolerable graphics, there’s a profound tale of what the current situation in Ukraine feels like.

In that sense, the gameplay elements may be considered just an excuse to deliver a message. This message isn’t about good guys and bad guys or a Hollywood-esque take on war. It just wants to tell the tale of surviving, and at that, it excels.



What's up in a Kharkiv bomb shelter 1.0 for Windows
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Thursday, December 15th 2022


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