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A free powerful GTA mod for Windows PCs

FiveM is a GTA game modification tool designed to improve your in-game experience with custom servers. After downloading the free mod on your system, you can use the existing GTA network to indulge in hours of gaming sessions. In addition to this, you can add custom weapons, maps, and cars to the content. FiveM is based on GTA’s proprietary gaming engine RAGE, and has become an excellent choice for multiplayer servers.

Compared to GTA IV First Person Mod, San Andreas Mod Installer, GTAIV Patch, and other similar tools, FiveM lets you create a custom GTA server, which can be customised based on your preferences. While the program requires GTA V to be installed on the PC, it runs independently of the game. As such, online files aren’t modified by the GTA mod, and it’s possible to switch among servers without worrying about bans.

Improve your GTA gaming experience with a mod

Over the years, Grand Theft Auto V has been one of the most popular games for Windows PCs. With multiple characters, storylines, and interactions, the game keeps you engaged with an immersive experience. Rockstar Games constantly releases new versions, and keeps adding new elements to the game.


However, a lot of players want more features. As such, GTA mods have always been popular in the gaming community. While fans started with single-player mods, they eventually focused on enhancing the multiplayer experience

On Rockstar servers, it’s forbidden to play a modded version of GTA. The company wants to ensure a level playing field for everyone in the world. Fortunately, FiveM download lets you create custom servers to indulge in an improved multiplayer mode for GTA V.

What is FiveM?

FiveM is a useful game modification tool for Windows computers. It started as a community project. The primary objective was to allow players across the globe to play GTA with certain modifications. At the time of release, the project was called Five Reborn. Over the years, it evolved into FiveM, where M stands for modifications.

The game mod aims to provide players with a range of modding capabilities. Moreover, it supports multiple game modes, scripts, world modifications, weapons, and more. The program gives players an improved experience both in a multiplayer environment and as a single-player game.

It’s important to understand that FiveM doesn’t change the original GTA game files. In fact, it has no interactions with Rockstar Online. Therefore, players are safe and don’t get banned for being a part of custom servers. Having said that, in order to play this game, you need the original GTA V installed on the system. The game utility launcher verifies this before allowing you to start playing with mods.

Is it free to create servers?

With the increasing popularity of GTA mods, players keep looking for FiveM server lists. You’ll be glad to know that you can choose from a range of servers, each with a different objective. While some are intended for only role-playing, others help you generate fresh content. Some servers are also designed to induce chaos in the fast-paced action sequences.

FiveM has a strict policy for players not following the rules. In fact, the development team doesn’t hesitate in banning servers from the network, just in case they fail to meet certain guidelines. It’s the same for servers running without a license. While servers with up to 32 players can be up and running for free, servers with more than 32 players need a license. You can get a license for a nominal monthly fee.

When you create a server with the game modification tool, it is automatically added to the FiveM server list. This allows players from around the world to find and join your server. It’s a good way to make new friends, play with experienced gamers, and be a part of an engaging community. FiveM also lets you create a private server with only invited friends.

A solid game utility application for GTA fans

When it comes to free GTA mods, FiveM download proves to be an excellent choice. Since the program supports NPC AI, you can find various role-play servers and deathmatch options. It’s worth mentioning that FiveM requires you to have at least some understanding of scripting.



FiveM for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Friday, June 18th 2021
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FiveM for PC

CitizenFX Collective(Free)

User rating8


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