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VirtualBox 4.3.14

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By Oracle  (Open Source)

# The following items were fixed and/or added:
- VMM: more fixes for MSR emulation on certain hardware
- VMM: improve MSI handling under rare circumstances (only relevant for the ICH9 chipset)
- VMM: fixed #UD exception for 64-bit guests with the EFER.SCE bit and the SYSCALL instruction (VT-x only; 4.3 regression)
- VMM: fixed timekeeping after resuming SMP guests
- VMM: properly wake up a halted VCPU on NMI/SMI
- GUI: fixed a potential crash
- GUI: fixed stuck AltGr key on Windows hosts
- GUI: fixed a potential error during the version check
- GUI: shortcut change should not require Enter/Return (or other trigger) to confirm
- GUI: fixed update check which was broken due to changing the location of the root certificates
- VBoxManage: fixed typo in showvminfo --machinereadable
- NAT: fixed inbound half-close
- NAT: fixed slow upload speed under certain conditions
- NAT Network: fixed potential loss of inbound TCP data
- NAT Network: fixed potential infinite stalls of TCP connections over IPv6
- NAT Network: fixed resets of TCP connections on Windows hosts
- NAT Network: fixed inbound half-close on Mac OS X hosts
- NAT Network: fixed socket leak on Solaris hosts
- NAT Network: fixed ping of mapped host loopback on Mac OS X and Solaris hosts, fixed proxying of IMCP errors on Mac OS X
- Host-Only Network: fixed SNMP ifConnectorPresent value on Windows
- Storage: fixed a possible crash with CD/DVD passthrough under certain circumstances
- Storage: fixed a crash when trying to open an inaccessible QED or QCOW image
- Storage: fixed data corruption or read errors under rare circumstances
- AHCI: fixed a crash under rare circumstances
- USB: performance fixes
- ICH9: properly reset MSI capability on reset
- Keyboard: active modifier keys during suspend were stuck after resuming the host
- 3D: fixed misbehavior with huge guests (i.e. guest more than 4GB guest memory
- 3D: several fixes
- API: properly detect the Windows 8.1 guest OS type
- ExtPack: cleanup of dangling uninstallation directories
- Linux hosts / guests: compile fix for EL7
- Linux Additions: made 3D pass-through work with recent versions of Mesa in the guest
- Linux Additions: Linux 3.16 fixes
- Mac OS X hosts: when scanning for host CD/DVD devices also consider BlueRay devices
- OS/2 Additions: fixed gengradd.dll library name
- Solaris Additions: fixed permissions of files and directories located on shared folders
- Windows host installer: fixed the need for rebooting Windows after installation or upgrade, extended logging for NetFlt/NetAdp (un)installation