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VirtualBox 5.0.0 RC2

By Oracle  (Open Source)
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- VMM: fixed a GP in SUPR0QueryVTCaps
- VMM: fixed a raw mode bug (5.0.0 RC1 regression)
- xHCI: fixed resuming from a saved state
- USB: improve playback with USB sound devices attached to the emulated OHCI controller
- Audio: provide Linux guests a different AC97 audio codec type so Linux ALSA doesn't mis-detect the link speed (default for new VMs)
- Drag and drop: enabled guest to host support for OS X hosts
- Drag and drop: fixed freezes and crashes in some error cases
- API: OS type description consistency fix
- API: fixed a check which prevented changing the network promiscuous mode at runtime
- API: don't keep OVA files open after import
- API: don't resume a VM on host-resume unless it was previously paused due to a host-suspend
- API: don't lose the saved state and "current state changed" flag during cloning of a VM
- ExtPack: don't fail if the TMP directory contains non-latin1 characters
- Mac OS X hosts: don't crash when upgrading from VBox 4.3.28 which has a bug in handling the CR4.VMXE bit
- Solaris hosts: Solaris 12 installer fix
- X11 Additions: fixed wrong DPI value