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By 2BrightSparks  (Freeware)
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* Fixed: Was trying to set file creation date and time on FTP servers that do not support MFCT
* Fixed: Some buttons had corrupted graphics for some users
* Fixed: When->Insert settings now shown correctly (were saved and used correctly)
* Fixed: If SyncBack minimized to tray and run another instance then tray instance was not automatically appearing
* Fixed: WARNINGSTOTAL variable value was not always correct
* Updated: When a profile is imported a check is made to make sure the shared settings used exist
* Updated: The update check default is now every 15 days instead of 30 days
* Updated: Improved FTP performance when using safe copy
* Updated: Restore Wizard now has a Back button
* Updated: "Warning: the schedule is set to run as a different user" now not shown if scheduler just reporting username without computer name
* Updated: Help file