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MailWasher Free 7.5.0

By MailWasher  (Freeware)
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* IMAP accounts now by default do not load Read emails.
* Installer now adds/removes Taskbar icon
* Added TLS for POP and IMAP
* Added Chinese Languages
* Fix: Database upgrade for compatilibity
* Fix: IMAP accounts with spaces within the password
* Fix: International characters in Quick Reply and Quick Forward
* Fix: IP address parser detecting software version number as IP address
* Fix: Startup shortcut not being properly added on install
* Fix: Wrong default language file loading on startup
* Fix: IMAP folders containing special characters
* Fix: Preview screen jump when right clicking on a URL
* Fix: Log files not cleaning up properly on new year rollover
* Fix: No HTML loading in emails when HTML is present
* Fix: Some emails showing blank in message preview
* Fix: Mobile Synch with IMAP accounts
* Fix: Account Importer fixed for latest Thunderbird version
* Misc: Splash screen text added to Language files
* Misc: Removed option to Synch with Desktop until fully working
* Misc: Improved Installer language support
* Misc: Contact Importer tweaks
* Misc: Misc small tweaks and fixes