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DigitalChalk is a cloud-based, online training platform and learning management system (LMS). With it, you are able to produce courses that feature almost any kind of content and media that you may need to use; animated PowerPoint presentations, SCORM content, HD videos, audio, quizzes, and exams.


With DigitalChalk, you are able to begin quickly creating courses, adding students and tracking students’ progress. DigitalChalk provides you with comprehensive course management tools and reporting tools to help you fully realise your training goals.

DigitalChalk lets you customize your courses with a user-friendly interface that enables you to engage students via interactive learning. It lets you meet the needs of all types of learners, either auditory, visual or experiential.

The foundation of DigitalChalk is the course builder. Digital Chalk’s course builder has an intuitive look and feel about it, and is simple to use; To start, you create a course shell, then you can add course elements as you see fit. It allows you to add almost any file type you need, including large video files. You can also embed Web archives; post assignments with grade weights; and create true/false and multiple choice tests.

A great feature of DigitalChalk is the ability for administrators to create SCORM-compliant courses from PowerPoint presentations. In addition, if you have an existing SCORM package, you are able to upload .ZIP files.

Administrators are able to edit or delete course elements at any time using contextual menus, and can rearrange them via a drag and drop interface. For course certification, you can customize the appearance, visibility, and distribution as you see fit. Courses are able to be distributed for free, at a cost, or with a promotional code, via the Private Catalog.

Course Management
As soon as a course has been set to live, administrators are able to manage enrolment and participation via the Instructor Gradebook. DigitalChalk gives you an overview of class activity, which is visualized via pie charts, along with the ability to drill down onto individual students. This is a good tool for viewing which course elements a student has begun, passed, or failed. It also includes data on how much of each video the students have watched, and whether they have downloaded any related documents that are specific to the course. It even comes with the ability to access a roster list for ILT sessions, or you are able to view the record attendance using the Instructor Gradebook.

DigitalChalk uses a subscription and PAYG pricing model with prices starting from $$25.00 per month. The platform offers two flexible pricing models that have been designed to suite different levels of budgets. The PAYG eCommerce Management pricing plan (where you sell your courses) and the PER-USER Monthly or Annual pricing plan (where you can train staff, vendors and partners online).

Bottom Line
Overall, DigitalChalk provides a solid course authoring system, which can be utilized by all industries. Furthermore, in addition to providing a corporate LMS, it also showcases a wide variety of tools for administering, tracking, delivering, and reporting on e-learning content. It gives you the tools and support that you need to grow your online training business. It doesn’t matter if you are training your company’s employees or selling courses online, DigitalChalk is the solution to your LMS needs.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000

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