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Download VirtualBox 2.2.4

VirtualBox 2.2.4

By Oracle  (Open Source)
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VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, it is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software.

Some of the features of VirtualBox are:

  • Modularity. VirtualBox has an extremely modular design with well-defined internal programming interfaces and a client/server design. This makes it easy to control it from several interfaces at once: for example, you can start a virtual machine in a typical virtual machine GUI and then control that machine from the command line, or possibly remotely. VirtualBox also comes with a full Software Development Kit: even though it is Open Source Software, you don't have to hack the source to write a new interface for VirtualBox.
  • Virtual machine descriptions in XML. The configuration settings of virtual machines are stored entirely in XML and are independent of the local machines. Virtual machine definitions can therefore easily be ported to other computers.
Title: VirtualBox 2.2.4
Filename: VirtualBox-2.2.4-47978-Win.exe
File size: 62.97MB (66,026,000 bytes)
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Date added: May 30, 2009
Author: Oracle
MD5 Checksum: CD1408F66A93BCFDF7B38DD801198B73

* Windows Installer: ?xed a potential hang during installation
* Windows Installer: ?xed several problems (bug #3892)
* Solaris hosts: make it work with Solaris build 114 or later (bug #3981)
* Solaris hosts: ?xed a bug serial port character handling found during loopback (bug #3120)
* Linux hosts: adapted vboxdrv.sh to the latest changes in VBoxManage list runningvms (bug #4034)
* Windows hosts: ?xed a crash caused by host-only/bridged networking
* Mac OS X hosts: ?xed access to host DVD with passthrough disabled (bug #4077)
* Guest Additions: ?xed problems with KDE 4 not recognizing mouse clicks
* Windows Additions: ?xed incorrect 8-bit guest color depth in Windows 7 guests
* GUI: warn if VT-x/AMD-V could not be enabled for guests that require this setting (bug #4055)
* VMM: ?xed occassional crash due to insuf?ent memory
* VMM: ?xed hanging 64 bits Solaris guests
* VMM: restore from a saved state occassionally failed (bugs #3984 and #2742)
* Clipboard: ?xed a deadlock while shutting down the shared clipboard on X11 hosts (bug #4020)
* OVF: ?xed potential hang during import
* OVF: ?xed potential crashes during import/export on Win64 hosts
* VBoxManage modifyhd --compact: ?xed bug which could lead to crashes and image corruption (bug #3864)
* VBoxManage metrics collect: now ?ushes the output stream.
* VHD: made VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid work for .vhd ?les (bug #3443)
* VHD: some .vhd ?les could not be cloned (bug #4080)
* VMDK: ?xed creating snapshots
* NAT: improvement of TCP connection establisment (bug #2987)
* NAT: ?xed order of DNS servers in DHCP lease (bug #4091)
* NAT: ?xed DHCP lease for multiple name servers (bug #3692)
* NAT: ?xed a potential segfault if the host lost its connectivity (bug #3964)
* Shared Folders: deny access to parent directories on Windows hosts (bug #4090)
* Shared Folders: make rm/rmdir work with Solaris guests on Windows hosts
* Networking: ?xed the problem with blocked receiving thread when a broadcast packet arrives too early to be handled by uninitialized e1000 adapter.
* Networking: ?xed the problem that caused host freezes/crashes when using bridged mode with host’s interface having RX checksum of?oading on (bug #3926 and related). Fixes problems with TX of?oading as well (bug #3870)
* PXE boot: Added support for PRO/1000 MT Server adapter.
* Python bindings: ?xed keyword con?ict
* SCSI: ?xed occasional crashes on Win64
* Serial: allow to redirect the serial port to a raw ?le (bug #1023)
* VRDP: ?xed a rare incorrect screen update

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