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Free adventure story novel demo

MoiDev’s game Nocturnal Visit is an adventure story novel game that lasts about 10 minutes. This demo is a free download for Windows available in English.

In this horror game, you decide to explore an abandoned house in the woods. Gossip has it that the house is haunted and you are searching for answers to write an article for your blog. You hope to find clues to determine if the rumours are true. If you enjoy horror games, other alternative games you can try are Slide in the woods and Fears to Fathom.


In Nocturnal Visit, you’ll explore an old house that people believe is haunted. You are looking for clues to establish if the rumours are true to write your experience on your blog. The environment is interactive and you will have control of many things, like a flashlight, tools, and doors. You will need to search the different areas of the house like the exterior, in the bedroom, kitchen, and basement.


Graphics and sound

The setting is a typical dilapidated house. The silence, with occasional creaks and footsteps, adds to the spooky atmosphere. The building is dark and gloomy, lit only by the beam of your flashlight. On the outside of the house is an old car without wheels. 

When you go down to the basement, the lighting effect adds to the anxious feeling as you wandering around in the abandoned house. The jump scares add drama to the game and create a balance between tension and horror. 

Game options

Before you begin:

  • Select a screen resolution from the dropdown list.
  • Set the graphics quality as default. Choose if you want to display it on the left or right monitor.
  • Select if you’re going to run the game in a window or fullscreen. The input screen will give you the available primary and secondary control options.
  • Customise options by double-clicking on them. 
  • Set the volume and sensitivity.

Short horror story

Nocturnal Visit is a short story-driven horror game. It uses typical interactions like looking and interacting with objects to gather information. The graphics and sound effects will put you on edge, and the jump scares create moments of adrenaline-fueled fear. The story, sound effects, and PSX-style graphics all work together to create a spooky and forbidding feeling.  

The game is still in early development and relatively short. In its first update, there are only minor gameplay changes and bug fixes. 



Nocturnal Visit 1.0 for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8
Latest update:
Tuesday, September 7th 2021


Also available in other platforms

Nocturnal Visit for PC



User rating8


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