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Microsoft Excel 2013 is a part of the updated Office 2013. As the second-most used app in the package, it saw plenty of positive changes in the newest release. Some of these alterations include new functions, but these updates are most focused on a better user experience.

Excel 2013 is still the classic software for making spreadsheets, mathematical operations, and even financial projections. However, the new version made it less intimidating and much more user-friendly.


Easy-to-use statistical aid

Excel has always been extremely efficient, way to analyse data and generate various graphs. It catered to both beginners organizing simple tables and people running regression analyses.

However, its complexity used to make most of its nifty functions go by unnoticed. So, the 2013 version is all about ease of usage. Now, the tool will work for you while feeling much more natural and helpful.

Tabs for multiple worksheets

The tool has several changes in between Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. The most evident one is that now you will observe multiple worksheets in separate windows, not as separate panes. This means you’ll have access to separate ribbons for each sheet. Besides, there are fifty new functions for formulas, most of them highly customizable.

Suggested charts for datasets

The new version of Excel makes it much easier for beginners to put the various comprehensive tools it offers in use. Data analysis is streamlined now, with even suggested charts and formatting.

The exciting new versions of old features make Excel more efficient, and much more than a number cruncher. The feature that shows how smarter software became is the Flash Fill, a data organizing tool which lessens the legwork of organizing tables.

Web-based content

Many extra features aren’t visible right away but do wonders on the Internet. For example, it is now possible to add interactive Excel tables to web pages.

Business people using this tool will enjoy the possibility of real-time collaboration on spreadsheets. Everything is stored on Microsoft’s cloud, and, to make things even more convenient, it’s now possible to mark the parts of the sheet that may be edited.


All tools from the Microsoft Office 2013 now support plug-in modules downloadable from the Office store. When it comes to this one, Microsoft developed an answer to the real-time stock quotes from Google Drive.

Better Than Ever Before

After so many years of development, Excel now features almost every function imaginable. It’s now more than a beginners’ tool while becoming more beginner-friendly than ever before.

It still comes with a steep learning curve, but Microsoft made this version the most helpful so far. With all the functions now included, it is one of the best worksheet apps available.



Microsoft Excel: View Edit Create Spreadsheets 16.0.17726.20080 for Android
  • Android 13.0
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Latest update:
Wednesday, July 3rd 2024

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Microsoft Excel: View Edit Create Spreadsheets for Android



User rating10


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