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IT departments have their work cut out for them, no matter the size of company they work for. When their job is the network and the network is what drives their company, there is no such thing as a day off. LogicMonitor is a cloud-based solution that lets your IT team monitor the network infrastructure quickly and easily. This allows them to take corrective action before small issues turn into full-blown catastrophes.


This isn’t your everyday DIY tool; it’s for IT professionals who specialize in highly specified functions such as network management, data center networking, storage, and CSPs (Cloud Services Providers).

Multi-platform Alerts
Alerts for detected problems are sent through email, text to speech phone message, text message, web-hooks, or the web. They can also be routed to different groups based on your company’s protocol for device type (like a company mobile device department), severity of the issue, or time of day. The built-in threat hierarchy decides whether an issue is severe enough to warrant an immediate alert versus waiting until the office is open, as well as determining whether the alert needs to be immediate (a middle of the night phone call) versus less severe, which would only require an email.

ActiveDiscovery automatically monitors newly added devices, eliminating the need for manual configuration of new devices every time a new hire or a replacement device comes along. Once a device is detected, ActiveDiscovery kicks in and looks for interfaces, physical disks, volumes, temperature sensors, virtual IPs, VPN links, applications, and more.

Data Security
LogicMonitor is a hosted service for Windows or Linux, but there’s no need to change your firewall settings. Instead, you’ll upload a very lightweight Java-based data collector on a host within your firewall; the connection between the collector and LogicMonitor is both encrypted and outgoing-only. Any data you choose to send to LogicMonitor, such as IP addresses, is stored and encrypted in the software’s databases.

Data Storage
LogicMonitor stores data for up to one year, giving you the option to see historical trends, detect usage patterns, and plot your requirements for future network growth.

LogicMonitor uses a subscription pricing model, with a free trial available. A standard monthly subscription includes: unlimited users & collectors, performance monitoring of anything in your stack, unlimited free email & SMS alerts, alert routing & escalation, historical trending data stored for 1 year, Syslog monitoring, event monitoring, Batch Job monitoring, remote sessions, and customizable dashboards with dynamic content. For a quote, please contact Logic Monitor for more information.

Bottom Line
LogicMonitor is a great way to monitor the network infrastructure quickly and easily. With components including ActiveDiscovery (TM) automated detection, device management and configuration configuration, applications and databases, ActiveIntelligence (TM) with preconfigured and fully customizable alerts, reporting and dashboards, and engineer-grade live support via phone, email or chat whenever needed, it is no wonder Logic Monitor receives rave review from their clients.

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