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Download Bugzilla for Mac 5.0.4

Bugzilla for Mac 5.0.4

By Google  (Open Source)
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Bugzilla for Mac is an efficient, easy-to-use and reliable bug-tracking tool. It is Mozilla's system for reporting and tracking errors and bugs in web or software development. The app is very easy to use and works in any web browser, however you will need an SQL database to use it.

As you would expect, Bugzilla for Mac is extremely customizable. For instance, by utilising the Bugzilla search engine you can search errors instantly, and this can be switched from normal to advanced mode depending on how deep you need to go. You can customize Bugzilla for Mac to behave just how you need it to. You can add options such as activating email alerts for when changes are made, and set levels of permissions for access.

Key Features For Users Include:

  • Advanced Search Capabilities.
  • Email Notifications Controlled By User Preferences.
  • Bug Lists in Multiple Formats: Atom, iCal, etc.
  • Scheduled Reports: Daily, Weekly, Hourly, etc. via Email.
  • Reports and Charts.
  • Automatic Duplicate Bug Detection.
  • File/Modify Bugs By Email.
  • Time Tracking.
  • Request System.
  • Private Attachments and Comments.
  • Automatic Username Completion or Drop-Down User Lists.
  • Patch Viewer.
  • "Watch" Other Users.
  • Move Bugs Between Installs.
  • Save and Share Searches.

Key Features For Admins Include:

  • Excellent Security.
  • Extension Mechanism for Highly Customizable Installations.
  • Custom Fields.
  • Custom Workflow.
  • Full Unicode Support.
  • Localization.
  • mod_perl Support for Excellent Performance.
  • Webservices (XML-RPC) Interface.
  • Control Bug Visibility/Editing with Groups.
  • Impersonate Users.
  • Multiple Authentication Methods.
  • Support for Multiple Database Engines.
  • Sanity Check.

With Bugzilla for Mac you can track bugs and code changes, communicate with team-mates, submit and review patches, and manage quality assurance. As many a successful project is the result of successful organization and communication, Bugzilla is a great tool to help you get a hands-on overview on the software development process.

Bugzilla for Mac is constantly under under active development and is being put to the test by the Mozilla Foundation. The app is supported by a dedicated team and has countless features that most expensive solutions lack.

Title: Bugzilla for Mac 5.0.4
Filename: bugzilla-5.0.4.tar.gz
File size: 3.81MB (3,994,094 bytes)
Requirements: Mac OS X
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Date added: February 20, 2018
Author: Google
MD5 Checksum: 1538B9F7BE535544AD2A4A86244005B6

Fixes security issue.
This release contains the following bug fixes:
Checksetup.pl would fail to update Chart storage during pre-3.6 to 5.0 upgrade.
Editflagtypes.cgi would crash when classifications are enabled and the user did not have global editcomponents privileges.
The File::Slurp would trigger warnings on perl 5.24.
All the time entries in the 'when' column had the correct date but the time was fixed to 00:00 when using Sqlite.