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Nitro Pro - Best Alternative to Adobe

Nitro Pro is a software used to create, edit, sign, and secure a PDF document. The program is used to read files in a PDF format. It is a browser-based application that lets users make digital signatures, share locked files, and use various PDF tools. Additional features can be accessed through a subscription.

What are the key features of Nitro Pro?

Nitro has two main products - Nitro Pro and Nitro Sign. Nitro Pro is a PDF editor that allows you to create a document, which is universally compatible, edit and insert images, convert any document into PDF Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any popular format. Users can also combine PDF documents, to share files easily. You can also organize the PDF document, by rotating, rearranging the order by simply using a navigating pane. One of the most unique features is the ability to scan and edit, where one can convert a scanned document into a searchable and editable document.

Using Nitro Pro, you can even build and fill forms, which are fillable and editable. A key feature is the ability to form digital signatures. Simply e-sign the document using this feature, and you can also request other people to send their e-signs. Nitro Pro also lets you protect and secure a document by adding a password and encrypt the data, that is being shared with multiple people. Sharing Nitro Pro is super easy. It can be synced with Dropbox or Google Drive, through which a document can be shared. One can also compare two versions of a file using the Compare feature.


How is Nitro Pro comparable with Adobe?

While you most probably associate Adobe with a PDF document or file, Nitro Pro is quickly gaining popularity as well, as the best alternative for Adobe Acrobat. While the basic features of both programs are the same, where Nitro Pro is a notch better is the ability to integrate and combine documents to other file formats. Also, the integration with cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive makes it easier to work on a shared document. Cloud storage is a feature that is better in Nitro, as compared to Adobe Acrobat. Because Adobe has been around for ages, people are more versed with the interface, and instantly know how to use it. Nitro Pro also has an intuitive interface, that needs just a bit getting used to.

With Nitro Pro, you can adjust images and edit for better performance, which is a feature not available in Adobe. While printing, you can customize layout and printing options, which you cannot do with Acrobat. With Nitro, you can also compare various versions of a document, and two documents to visually compare differences. A PDF can also be converted into a long-term archive file with Nitro, a feature not available on Adobe. One can also create PDFs in batches with Nitro. In terms of the user interface, a floating toolbar and batch processing bulk PDFs is also possible with Nitro.

What you should use Nitro Pro?

One of the biggest advantages of using Nitro Pro is that there is the flexibility to convert PDF documents to other formats and share using Google Drive. There are more features to edit and customize documents than Adobe, and it is an excellent alternative to the program which is widely used across the board.

A cloud-based service, Nitro Pro is more compatible with the web-based pages and has integrated better functionality of productivity tools. The image edit and adjust feature is new and unique to the program, and so is the ability to bundle products. There is also a subscription for a business product from Nitro, which has more enhanced features for business needs. Nitro Pro can be downloaded on a 14-day trial, and Nitro Reader is freeware for both personal and professional use. You simply need to sign in to try the software, and the process is quite straightforward.

Digital signatures also add to the benefits of Nitro Pro, as documents are becoming completely digitized. The ability to make or ask for digital signatures gives this program an edge over others. The possibility of completely eliminating the printing of unnecessary documents also contributes to the larger aim of sustainability and environmental preservation. 100% of digital workflows also make life easy for users, increasing productivity drastically, and not relying on external hardware to complete processes.

In terms of interface, the look is like Microsoft Office, which people are used to, so it is intuitive and easy to use. Easy adaption due to this interface, makes it a good alternative to use, as opposed to Adobe.

Why you wouldn’t use Nitro Pro?

Adobe Acrobat is so widely used across platforms and computers, and we are so used to having the program pre-set in our systems, that to change to a new program meets with a lot of inertia. For people not working on contracts and official documents, and simply need the Nitro Reader or Acrobat Reader, they are program-agnostic, and want to just serve the purpose of viewing a PDF document. The biggest challenge for Nitro Pro is to let users make the switch from their beloved Adobe Acrobat, a software that has been around for much longer and has penetrated everywhere.

What’s the final word on Nitro Pro?

An excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Pro is worth downloading and tinkering around with. The digital signature feature is excellent to make a completely digital workflow, without the need for printing or scanning documents. The ability to bundle, reorganize, edit, combine, convert documents, makes Nitro Pro a handy program for personal or official use. While many users are comfortable with the Adobe interface, Nitro Pro has a Microsoft Office-like look and feel, also making it fairly intuitive and easy to use. At a lesser cost than Acrobat, Nitro Pro offers more features and better integration with cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Nitro Pro is worth trying out and could replace the Adobe in the home and office computer space.



Nitro Pro 32-Bit for Windows
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7
Available languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Japanese,
  • Polish,
  • Chinese
Trial version
Latest update:
Tuesday, November 17th 2020
Nitro PDF, Inc.


Nitro Pro 32-Bit for PC

Nitro PDF, Inc.(Trial version)

User rating8


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