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Microsoft Office 2013: Fan-favorite office software

Productivity tools are not just software; they're essential companions in our daily digital journey. Microsoft Office 2013 stands out as a shining example, redefining our expectations from productivity suites.

What is Included in Microsoft Office 2013?

Microsoft Office 2013 packs a powerful punch, offering a suite of applications designed to meet various needs. It includes:

  • Word 2013: The quintessential word processor, ideal for everything from simple note-taking to complex document creation.
  • Excel 2013: A robust spreadsheet application, catering to both personal budgeting and complex data analysis.
  • PowerPoint 2013: This presentation software brings ideas to life, offering impressive design capabilities for both professional and personal use.
  • OneNote 2013: A versatile tool for note-taking, gathering information, and collaborative work.
  • Outlook 2013: An all-in-one email and calendar solution, it helps manage communications and schedules efficiently.
  • Publisher 2013: Focused on layout and design, it’s ideal for creating everything from brochures to newsletters.
  • Access 2013: A database management tool, crucial for storing information for reference, reporting, and analysis.

New features in Microsoft Office 2013

The 2013 edition of Microsoft Office introduces several noteworthy features enhancing user experience and productivity. One of the most significant additions is touchscreen compatibility. In an era increasingly dominated by touch devices, this feature makes navigation and interaction with the software seamless and intuitive.


The integration with SkyDrive for cloud storage represents a major shift in how documents are stored and accessed. This feature allows users to access, edit, and share their work from any location and on any device, facilitating a more flexible and mobile working style.

In Word, the new Read Mode offers a distraction-free environment, ideal for those who consume large amounts of content. This mode focuses on the content itself, reducing strain and increasing comprehension.

Excel's Flash Fill feature is a game-changer for data entry. It intuitively completes data as you type, dramatically reducing the time and effort required for data organization.

For PowerPoint, the enhanced Presenter View is a valuable addition for anyone making presentations. This feature displays the current slide, the next slide, speaker notes, and a timer in one convenient view, greatly aiding in delivering smooth and well-timed presentations.

Outlook's Peeks feature provides a quick way to glance at schedules, appointments, or details about email correspondents without the need to rearrange windows or lose focus on the task at hand.

Microsoft Office 2013 alternatives

When it comes to finding alternatives to Microsoft Office 2013, there are a couple of standout options that offer robust functionality without the price tag.

First, there's WPS Office 2016 Free. This all-in-one suite is a dynamo in the world of free office software. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and a presentation maker. WPS Office 2016 Free is remarkably user-friendly and efficient, making it a breeze to handle all your office-related tasks without any cost.

Next up is LibreOffice, a powerhouse in the realm of open-source office suites. Available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, LibreOffice offers a comprehensive package of six feature-rich applications. Whether it's document creation or data processing, LibreOffice provides a robust set of tools. Its versatility and power-packed performance make it an excellent choice for those seeking a free, open-source alternative to traditional office suites.

Final remarks

Microsoft Office 2013 embodies the evolution of productivity tools, maintaining the essence of what users have cherished while adapting to their growing digital needs. It's more than a software suite; it's a cornerstone for efficiency and innovation in personal, business, and educational settings. Office 2013 is not just about meeting today's requirements; it's about anticipating the demands of tomorrow with a foundation built on proven functionality and forward-thinking features.



Microsoft Office 2013 15.0.5579.1001 for Windows
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Arabic,
  • Czech,
  • Danish,
  • German,
  • Greek,
  • Spanish,
  • Finnish,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Dutch,
  • Norwegian,
  • Polish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Russian,
  • Swedish,
  • Turkish,
  • Chinese
Latest update:
Monday, December 4th 2023
Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Office 2013 for PC


Microsoft Corporation(Paid)

User rating8


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