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Free mod for The Witcher

Full Combat Rebalance is a free Windows mod by eLeR Creative for The Witcher, that improves on many aspects of the original. To install this mod, you must own a copy of The Witcher. With the Full Combat Rebalance mod, the entire combat system has been modified to offer more brutal fights and more realism

Your weapons will now damage opponents differently, fights will be faster, and the skill tree has been modified to offer more strategy. If you enjoy the universe of The Witcher, you can also install mods like Stealth Overhaul – The Witcher 3 Mod or Henry Cavill White Wolf – The Witcher 3 Mod.

More realistic fights

The developers have modified the way the original game functions on many levels, including making fights more realistic. The way Geralt and the NPCs move is now totally different, and the mod includes a full armour system, like in the sequels.


You’ll also die more easily if you’re not careful, as enemies are deadlier, and you’ll have to rely on parries and dodges to make it out alive. It also makes monster fights harder. 

A new skill tree

This mod is an excellent way to rediscover The Witcher. The game plays differently, but the skill tree has been enhanced to incorporate sword-style rules and new abilities for Geralt.

It also means that building your skills works differently. You can’t learn all the signs and skills, so, for example, you’ll have to choose two signs and stick with them to cast spells.

A harder game

With this Full Combat Rebalance mod, the game almost becomes as difficult as the Dark Souls level. The monsters and NPCs can now incapacitate you, often resulting in death. It’s more challenging, but there are also options that aren’t related directly to the combat system. For instance, it comes with a new HUD, and you’ll start the game with night vision if you activate these features.

Make The Witcher more challenging

Full Combat Rebalance is a mod you’ll enjoy if you’ve already played the base game, as it modifies many things, from the entire combat system to the skill tree and even details like the HUD. Still, each feature can be installed separately, so you can only use what you want.

With this mod, the game becomes more challenging, with death occurring more often and enemies having new ways to incapacitate you. The gameplay changes dramatically, with more strategy required to beat the most powerful opponent. Upgrading your gear is now essential to survive the fights with monsters and soldiers.



Full Combat Rebalance Mod 1.6a for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10
Latest update:
Thursday, February 23rd 2023
eLeR Creative


Full Combat Rebalance Mod for PC


eLeR Creative(Free)

User rating8


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