Download Zoom Player Home FREE 8.7 Beta 11

Zoom Player Home FREE 8.7 Beta 11

By Inmatrix  (Shareware)
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# New
- The slate navigation interface has been tweaked and now displays the current time & date.
- New rename function accessible either through the playlist's right-click menu or using the Alt+Shift+"M" to rename the currently playing file.
- The fullscreen navigation interface now display an integrated clock (date, time and day).
- New skin-script parameters that specify the new integrated clock position and size.
- New Alt+Shift+"O" keyboard macro used to enable/disable MadVR's 'Smooth Motion' feature.
- New Setting "Adv. Options / Playback / Video" that controls whether MadVR's smooth motion feature is enabled or disabled.
- New Function "fnMadVRSmootMo" that enables/disables MadVR's smooth motion feature.
- New Extended Function "exStayOnTop" used to set StayOnTop mode.
- The playlist editor's sort menu can now sort by ascending or descending order.
- New skin script code used to display the time & date within fullscreen navigation interfaces.
- New Comm API message #110, returning the current system time in multiple time formats.
# Changes
- The "Open Item Directory" entry on the playlist editor's right click menu now opens an explorer window with the file highlighted. Previously, only the directory would open.
- The load-playlist button on the playlist editor will now open in the "default media open path" folder if one is specified.
- Comm API message #6010 now returns the number of files verified to exist on the system.
# Fixes :
- Fixed two vulnerabilities identified by researcher 'Kaveh Ghaemmaghami' and brought to our attention by 'Secunia Research' related to malformed BMP files.
- A single frame shift would occur when pausing video with the EVR/VMR video renderers.