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# Bugs resolved:
* Changed the behavior of creating filenames for Imgur to be configurable, default will be the date/time.
* removed device names for capture fullscreen submenu in multi-monitor setups, which sometimes delivered inconsistent results or even garbage characters. Sticking to descriptive text like "bottom left", which is more useful anyway.
* Ini-file reading is now done without locking the file, this should help a bit in cases where other applications have this file open.
* Found that Greenshot uses a wrong URL format on the clipboard, this fix might solve some issues
* Bug: When capturing client windows on a DWM enabled system (Vista & Windows 7) with "auto" set, sometimes the capture had a blurred/transparent effect.
# Features:
* dark background for textbox input when editing bright-colored text
* destinations with subdestinations can now be clicked to invoke the "main" subdestination
# Languages:
* Updates for Swedish translation and help, new Swedish translations for plugins and installer
* Improvements for German translation and help
* Fixed typo in French translation

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