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A free network security tool

Waircut, short for “Wireless Air Cut”, is a free network audit software that you can download on your Windows computer. It checks the safety of your wireless connection and protects it against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. The inspection includes a check of the WPS wireless protocol and makes sure that it’s active. It also tests the router against known brute-force and WPFS attacks. 

What is Waircut?

Developed by Patcherr, Waircut or Wireless Air Cut is a program designed to check the security of your wireless network. It does this by throwing several attacks at your system to identify the routers’ vulnerabilities and possible security breaches. Once that’s done, the software enables different protocols to ensure the device and the corresponding network are protected. 

What is the purpose of Waircut?

When users plug in their router to access the internet, they’re opening their device to various security breaches. That happens because most of us don’t often think about the router settings when connecting to Wi-Fi. However, to guarantee security, you need to ensure that the keys aren’t generic and the required protocols are enabled. For this, you need a tool like Waircut. 


As a network audit tool, it checks the vulnerabilities of the network, identifies how it is configured, and suggests various changes to make it more secure. The program figures out whether the router has a WPS pin set or one that is generic. If the answer is the latter, Waircut free download updates it to WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). 

In addition to this, it also identifies any possible brute or pixie-dust attacks that may leave your router vulnerable. The software suggests various changes that you can accept or reject depending on your requirements. Furthermore, the application has a database of WPS pins that you can use in place of generic ones available on your system.

Is Waircut easy to install and setup?

Unfortunately, Waircut doesn’t have an easy setup. Instead, it requires you to install another software called JumpStart before it begins the setup. Apart from this, the program will request you to disable various settings, update registry values, and get rid of error messages. Additionally, you may encounter a few more hurdles before the entire setup is complete. 

However, once installed, you can use this application in over 8 languages. The app also features a simple and straightforward interface with clearly-defined functions and tools. However, in case you prefer a modern user experience, you might not like its interface. Nevertheless, as a network audit tool, it provides all the necessary functions that you might need. 

Does Waircut offer any advanced features?

One of the best things about Waircut download for PC is that it provides various tools that come in handy when it comes to enhancing network security. It scans all available wireless networks for different protocols and ensures that the WPS protocol is enabled for all. Doing this ensures that your system remains safe from security breaches and protects your privacy. 

It also features a database of compatible pins and is supported by a WPS pin-generation algorithm. With its help, the software can protect the network against attacks even if your system only has generic pins instead of a WPS pin-set. It also tests your router against different attacks to audit them and provide different solutions. 

Is Waircut suitable for beginners?

Although Waircut is simple to use and doesn’t require a lot of tech-knowledge, beginners should maintain caution when using the software. That is because the tool can come bundled with additional applications that you might not want and leave your system open to attacks. Updating security settings with its help may also not be suitable for anyone who isn’t familiar with different security protocols. 

Are there any drawbacks?

Waircut does have a few problems that you should be aware of if you’re planning to download this tool. For starters, the program has a very complicated setup that may deter users from using it any further. Anyone who goes beyond may have to disable various administrator settings to use it. In case you want to check out alternatives, you should explore apps like Network Inventory Advisor, Belarc Advisor, and Pandora FMS.

Should I download Waircut?

If you’re looking for a security tool that scans your wireless network and enables required protocols, you should download Waircut. Short for Wireless Air Cut, the software tests your router for vulnerabilities and updates the settings to ensure your device is safe from any security breaches. It also consists of a database of pin-sets that you can use on your router. The only drawback with the app is that it has a complicated setup that might deter beginners from using it. 



waircut 2.0 for Windows
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Friday, August 13th 2021


waircut for PC



User rating7


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