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A simple keyboard mapping tool for Windows

SharpKeys is a useful, free, and simple Windows utility tool, which lets you change the mapping of your keyboard. As such, you’re able to assign different keys for specific functions to navigate on the computer. The program manages a Registry Key, which lets the Windows operating system remap a key to another one. The download package comes with a list of commonly-used keys. There’s also a Type Key feature that automatically identifies a user’s keyboard mapping.

Map for different functions

SharpKeys lets you change the keyboard mapping by using a Registry Key, which controls how the operating system maps the keys. The list of keyboards included in the app focuses on US and UK-based keyboards. It’s worth mentioning that this tool is an easy and quick way to remap the keys to a different configuration. The only minor drawback is that the program requires a reboot of your PC.

What is SharpKeys?

There are times when you have to change the computer’s keyboard. In such a situation, you may soon realise that the new keyboard doesn’t have the same keys as the older one. This leads to a waste of time and makes you click different keys in the hopes of entering a specific command. SharpKeys is a simple keyboard tool that solves such issues. The program has been designed to restructure the keys on your keyboard. In order to use the software, you don’t require any technical skills or knowledge.


With SharpKeys download, you can easily assign a different set of characters for various keys on the keyboard. With this Windows utility tool, you can map the computer’s keyboard as per your preferences and requirements. For instance, you can replace the Enter key with the Shift key, which allows you to change the paragraph more conveniently.

How to run SharpKeys?

Compared to other similar tools like KeyTweak, Free Virtual Keyboard, and Google Input Tools, SharpKeys comes with a simpler interface. The installation package creates a shortcut right on the desktop. When you launch the tool, it gives you access to the main window, which lets you edit existing keys or create a completely new map. Once you’ve successfully assigned different functions to the keys, you can click on “Write to Registry.” The app will save the updated mapping.

Before changes come into effect, you need to reboot the computer or close the program and re-run the keyboard tool. While the software allows you to write a number of new keys, you can also add multiple functions to a single key on the keyboard. The program notifies you of the changes made to the mapping. In fact, it gives access to a detailed overview of all the changes through a registry monitor. 

What can you do with SharpKeys?

With SharpKeys download, you can map more than a hundred different combinations to a single key. Having said that, nobody wants to use as many functions with just one key, since it may lead to a lot of confusion. However, it obviously doesn’t hurt to get this level of flexibility with keyboard mapping. In hindsight, this feature can be used for pranking your friends or colleagues. With some useful fail-safe options, the program ensures you don’t unintentionally get locked out. 

While the keyboard can be re-programmed within a couple of clicks, changes only come into effect after you’ve rebooted the system. The log also helps you retain information about previously-used keys. This Windows utility tool is a good way to improve your productivity and increases your speed while working with a keyboard.

Can you restore the original keys?

The program offers multiple ways to reverse the changes made to the keyboard. You can simply clear the entire list of mapped keys, and your system will be reset to default. Additionally, you can delete individual entries, allowing you to retain partial changes to the keyboard mapping. Once again, the reversal of changes will only come into effect after restarting the PC. Considering everything, SharpKeys is a good enough keyboard tool for remapping the keys on a Windows computer and allows you to work faster as per your preferences.

A hassle-free tool for your PC’s keyboard

SharpKeys download is a lightweight package, which doesn’t affect your system resources. The program runs smoothly on multiple versions of the operating system—including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and more. In case you find any issues, you can easily reverse the keyboard mapping, allowing you to use the familiar layout of your keyboard. 



SharpKeys 3.9.4 for Windows
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 2003,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows NT
Latest update:
Thursday, April 28th 2022


SharpKeys for PC



User rating6


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