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Copy DVDs with DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a software programme that backs up DVD disks. It is DVD burning software that can help save data of a DVD on a hard drive. DVD Shrink has an in-built break that can circumvent restrictions that block users from copying or burning commercial DVDs.

What purpose does DVD Shrink serve?

Using DVD Shrink, you can compress or shrink the data to save and share it on the computer. Working with Nero, it is also possible to burn your DVDs using DVD Shrink. 

Going a step further, DVD Shrink lets you re-author the DVD or make compilations according to your preferences. It makes it easy to access data on DVD, which is otherwise protected and not possible to save on the computer.


What are the benefits of DVD Shrink?

DVDs contain a lot of video and audio data that is otherwise wasted in the era of YouTube and online streaming. Using DVD Shrink, you can retrieve the data stored on commercial DVDs and save it on hard drives. Unlocking DVDs also allows data to be stored safely on a cloud, which means you can save yourself space of a physical DVD. DVD Shrink is a wonderful programme that works through encrypted commercial DVDs and in-built decryption algorithms.

Another big advantage of DVD Shrink is that it is freeware, which makes this program an ideal option for those who don't want to spend cash. 

What are the drawbacks of DVD Shrink?

While DVD Shrink is great for extracting and storing data from DVDs, burning a DVD requires Nero as the default software. In the absence of the latter, DVD burning cannot be done.

DVD Shrink’s developer has not released an updated version post-2005, which means the programme cannot support the new Windows OS (Windows 10). The programme works best with Windows 9x/2000/XP. There have been issues reported while using DVD Shrink on Windows Vista and Windows 7. DVD Shrink is outdated at times and does not work well with newer operating systems. Also, because it hasn't been updated, DVD Shrink may not be able to unlock some of the newer encryption formats.

Some other problems that have been reported with DVD Shrink are error reading a file, facing audio issues, problems with burning the DVDs, loss of quality when copied, amongst many others.

What are alternatives to DVD Shrink?

The main alternative to DVD Shrink is Handbrake, which can also copy and save data on DVDs. However, Handbrake offers a lot more different choices in converting the original DVD, as well as format to watch it easily on the computer. DVD Shrink copies the DVD as an .ISO file, while Handbrake lets you choose from a number of file formats.

Other alternatives to DVD Shrink include MakeMKV (for DVDs and BluRay), bitRipper (to backup as AVI files), AnyDVD (to remove RPG Region code), RipIt (to transfer DVD data on Macs), and ioBit more.

What’s the final verdict?

DVD Shrink is a functional easy-to-use programme that lets you copy and compress DVDs to a hard drive. However, it has not been updated since 2005 and faces compatibility issues with the new operating systems. The programme also faces issues with reading files or unlocking some of the new encryptions. This fact can make the programme useless at times.  Other alternatives like Handbrake make the data on DVDs more accessible. While using DVD Shrink can help you copy files and data from DVDs, it can easily be replaced by other alternatives offering the same and more. 



DVD Shrink for Windows
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  • Windows 7
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Sunday, June 4th 2023
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DVD Shrink(Free)

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