Bandicam Screen Recorder for Windows

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An efficient screen recording tool

Bandicam software is an easy-to-use screen recorder for Windows users. With its help, you can record your desktop screen, capture gameplay, and complete external recording using devices like webcams and camcorders. Created by Bandicam Company, the app is available for a one-time purchase and provides users with a limited period free trial, should they wish to test its features out first.

What is Bandicam?

These days, most smartphones come with an in-built screen recorder. The same functionality isn’t yet available on computers. To fill this gap, Bandicam provides Windows users with various features that can help them in recording their screens so they can share video tutorials, review the user experience of apps, broadcast their gameplay, and do much more!

Despite being a lightweight tool, Bandicam download can capture high-resolution videos that are close to the quality of the original. Suitable for both professional and casual users, the screen recording tool is feature-rich and comes with an easy-to-use interface. Bandicam can turn out to be an extremely useful tool if your main goal is recording gaming videos. 


Intuitive interface

The latest version of Bandicam download consists of various layout changes to provide a better user experience. The first time you launch the program, it opens to an instructions screen so that users can familiarize themselves with the app’s various functions. With its help, users can quickly learn about the five recording options that the tool provides and start using the recorder instantly. 

Apart from offering users a full-screen recording mode, Bandicam comes with a rectangle mode, game mode, around mouse mode, and external device recording mode. You can enter any of these modes by clicking on the icons available on the top panel. Additional features included in Bandicam download are real-time drawing, webcam overlay, push to talk, hardware acceleration, and a few click effects.

Record your screen

Bandicam download provides users with three screen recording options - one for capturing the full screen, the second for capturing a section of the screen, and the third for capturing the movement of the cursor. With the help of all these functions, you can easily record tutorials, video calls, application performance, and more. 

While full screen and rectangle mode are features available in similar screen recording apps, the 'Around the Mouse’ function is new. You can select this mode with a single click and start capturing only the area around the cursor, and the recording will move along with the mouse. 

Additionally, the software in the screen recording mode provides users with a real-time drawing option. That allows you to draw directly on the video, so you no longer have to edit the video after the recording is complete. This feature, combined with ‘Around the Mouse’ can be extremely beneficial in creating more efficient and clear tutorials.

Record using external devices

Another functionality of Bandicam screen recorder is that it lets users record videos using external devices such as a camcorder, USB webcam, or video capture cards. The tool also records audio and lets users mute sound with a single click. You can save recordings in MP4, WAV, or AVI format, or also upload directly on sites like YouTube and Facebook

Since it supports NVIDIA h.264 encoder, AMD VCE, and Intel Quick Sync, you can expect it to record at high speed and without losing video quality. You can use the software to add narrations, record video lectures, Skype calls, webinars, and more. To stop recordings automatically, you can either set a time limit or a fixed file size. 

Capture gameplay

Bandicam download makes it possible for users to record both 2D and 3D games that use graphic technologies like OpenGL, DirectX, and Vulkan. Some examples of these games are League of Legends, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Roblox, among others. You can also use the screen recording tool to record browser-based and flash games

Is Bandicam free and safe?

While the program isn’t available for free, it is safe to download and use. You can purchase the software and its many features by paying a one-time fee. In case you wish to try the app, you can do so with the help of a free trial that the company provides. The only drawback to this is that all the recordings you create during the trial period will contain a Bandicam watermark.  

Are there any alternatives?

Bandicam is an easy-to-use screen recorder that provides a range of features that lets you capture your pc screen, games, and more. However, it does have competition. Therefore, if you’d like to check out alternatives, you should explore Icecream Screen Recorder, Camtasia Studio, OBS Studio, and Fraps

Is Bandicam any good?

If you’re looking for a straightforward screen recording application, you should download Bandicam. Thanks to its free trial period, you can easily use all of its many features before deciding whether or not the program is right for you. It also provides real-time drawing, automatic recording, and cursor movement capture, among other useful functions.



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Bandicam Screen Recorder for PC

(Trial version)

User rating9


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