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Free fast live streaming app

OBS - Open Broadcaster Software is one of the most popular, open-source, free video recording and live streaming software for Windows PCs. The program offers a range of features, which let you create live stream setups and professional videos. Like FL Studio, SopCast, and XSplit Broadcaster, the tool supports multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, and more. This app is the preferred choice of gamers, broadcasters, and content creators.

The powerful multimedia software allows you to gather scenes from multiple sources. These may include text, window captures, card captures, images, webcams, browser windows, etc. With recent updates, OBS Studio has garnered a lot of attention among Twitch streamers. This has been possible with the program’s flexible setup capabilities and the dedicated feature to add facecam to live-streaming. 

A full-fledged multimedia software

OBS Studio is a leading open-source, free video editing, recording, and streaming platform specifically designed for content creators. With this tool, videographers, sound artists, and other professionals can create stunning visuals. In addition to this, the program comes with multiple filters, including noise gate and noise suppression.


While using the multimedia software, you can set customised hotkeys for actions like switching between scenes, muting audio, stopping or starting video recordings, and more. You also get a preview functionality, which lets you watch recordings or streams before they go live to an audience.

What about the design and interface?

The free video streaming program can seem overwhelming for beginners. In the first look, it feels mysterious, and the development team doesn’t offer much guidance in terms of tutorials, demos or presentations. However, once you start using the program, the clean interface will help you get used to the navigation pretty quickly.

If you're working with live streaming or recording, mixing sources can be quite intimidating. For this reason, it’s recommended to record a few test videos to get an idea about the various features and functionalities. 

The workflow isn’t entirely intuitive, but doesn’t feel too complicated while working on different video recording projects. Overall, the program is intended for experienced users, and beginners should take their time before moving on to complex tasks.

How to get started?

To get started with OBS Studio, you need to start with a feature called ‘Scene’. It stores all the recording sources for your project. The next step is to add the sources, such as a webcam, game, watermark, or microphone. While the development team doesn’t help with this, the free video streaming tool is backed by a huge community, which lets you easily find multiple tutorials online

Once you’ve entered the parameters for recording, you need to click the ‘Start Recording’ button. Just fire up the screen, and click ‘Stop Recording’ when you’re done. Before running the first project in this program, it’s important to make sure that the live streaming tool is configured properly.

OBS Studio comes with advanced settings focusing on numerous configuration options. However, you’ll find the most important settings in the ‘Recording’ button in the ‘Output’ section. From here, you can set the recording format, quality, and video encoder to be used. 

By default, the multimedia software chooses hardware encoding. Unfortunately, this can be tricky for beginners, and it’s recommended to use the X264 capability. ‘Video’ is another section in the ‘Settings’ category. It allows you to set the ‘Base Resolution’ and other parameters, offering better control over picture quality.

Is OBS Studio a good choice?

OBS Studio doesn’t affect system resources and proves to be a lightweight choice for older PCs. The free video streaming platform averages about 60 frames per second, which is quite satisfactory for a free tool. For advanced users, the video recording software is an excellent choice as it can be easily configured to your specific needs and requirements. Most importantly, live streaming is supported for popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

The perfect choice to capture video on Windows PCs

OBS Studio is the perfect choice for customisation and collaboration videos. The program comes equipped with multiple features, a powerful API, and the capability to allow scripts and plug-ins. As such, content creators and streamers can use the software to suit their specific needs. Since this is an open-source tool, you can leverage a huge community of developers for tips and tricks on video recording, live streaming, and other subjects.



OBS - Open Broadcaster Software 28.0.3 for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 10
Latest update:
Monday, October 31st 2022
OBS Project


OBS - Open Broadcaster Software for PC


OBS Project(Free)

User rating8


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