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A fully featured mobile OS for desktop and Cloud

Andy OS is a free mobile operating system emulator that runs on your Windows or Mac PC, as well as the Cloud, breaking the barrier between mobile and desktop computing. It provides its users with PC compatibility, unlimited storage, and the ability to run most of the Android apps on their desktop. It also synchronizes your operations between devices, ensuring nothing is lost in the transition.

A flexible solution

Andy, or 'Andy the Android Emulator' allows you to utilize your Android applications, like WhatsApp or Snapchat, through your Windows PC or Mac desktop.

It runs Android OS 4.2.2 in a virtual machine, enabling you to launch full-screen apps for an immersive experience or keep them open in a resizable window next to your Windows programmes.


This operating system provides a substantial emulation experience, including handy features, like the ability to use your phone as a controller.

This programme is free, but there's also the pro version which enables you to use the same system on multiple devices, offers more compatibility, early access to the latest updates, and premium support.

How to install Andy

After you download the APK file, installation shouldn't be an issue, although the software requirements are somewhat high.

To get Andy on PC, you'll need an Intel dual-core or AMD CPU that can support virtualization technology, as well as Windows 7 or up, 3GB of RAM, 20GB of free space on your disk, and a powerful video card. Moreover, you'll need to enable virtualization in the BIOS.

In essence, you'll need a reasonably new computer with at least 4GB of RAM to run this programme smoothly. You’ll want to have more RAM if you’d like to assign more RAM to Andy so it runs better.

How Andy works

Having downloaded, installed, and launched the Andy app, a standard Android lock screen will greet you. After you swipe the padlock with your mouse or finger, the software will take you through the usual first-time setup for Android and connect your Google account to itself.

This programme doesn't force you to run it in any screen size but instead allows you to resize on the fly. An Andy icon will also show up in your Windows status bar, from which you may adjust the resolution.

Hovering your mouse over the bottom part of your screen will grant you access to some handy tools for switching between portrait and landscape and reaching the microphone and camera.

If you don't have a touch-screen PC, you'll also set up your mouse and keyboard through this bar. There are even keyboard shortcuts to use it more quickly and easily, and also to customize the programme to your liking.

Useful features

Andy is unique for the fact it enables you to turn your smartphone into a remote control, in which case it will mirror Andy's screen. This option is excellent for those applications which require a touch screen.

Moreover, Andy does a lot to integrate your desktop with the Android operating system, allowing you to create shortcuts on your display, copy and move files between the devices via a shared folder, and receive push notifications from your phone on your PC.

There is also a customized ADW launcher, which means that any new app you install will automatically get placed into a categorized folder on your home screen.

Performance in gaming

Although Android emulators provide many new gaming opportunities, they're notoriously slow, Andy being no exception. It takes a long time to load even the simplest games, and they usually glitch out once they do. This is true of most emulators; however, Andy seems to run games at higher stability than other emulators.

When it comes to other apps, performance will depend on the specifications of your system and the resources you have available, like your CPU’s speed and the amount of RAM you have.

Is Andy better than Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is the older and more well-established of the two emulators. They both offer support for gaming and controllers. However, Andy supports wireless devices as controllers, while Bluestacks only supports wired controllers.

They’re both user-friendly and easy to set up. However, you might have trouble enabling virtualization if it isn’t enabled by default on your processor.

Andy has a lot more power than Bluestacks, at the cost of a bit of user-friendliness. With Bluestacks, there isn’t much more to the program than what you see. With Andy, however, you can give it more virtual cores and assign more RAM to it. This gives you the power to drastically improve how it runs.

Bluestacks tends to have the edge in conversation because of the name recognition. However, Andy is arguably more agile and powerful. You can adjust the resources assigned to it, sync data to and from your phone, and even install third-party launchers.

Bugs and alternatives

The most significant problem with Andy is its poor integration with Google voice controls. Plus, there are often errors in synchronizing your applications with your Google account.

If you're looking for alternatives, BlueStacks App Player is an excellent, paid service designed with gaming in mind. AutoHotkey is easy to learn and powerful, offering many customization options. Another good option is Nox App Player.

The official Android SDK emulator is capable of simulating complex network environments, making it excellent for those with programming experience. Finally, for straightforward, quick performance, Genymotion is your best bet.

A complete experience

Although the Andy app works as an emulator, it provides you with the full experience of using the Android OS on your computer. The programme is fully customizable, allowing for great flexibility of usage. If you’re ready to go through the tricky installation process and have the software resources needed to run it, Andy can provide you with an entirely new experience in using your devices.



Andy 47.260.1096.26 for Windows
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10
Latest update:
Monday, November 22nd 2021


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