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Adobe PageMaker - A Desktop publishing program

Adobe PagerMaker used to be one of the most popular computer programs for people who were into desktop publishing. Now, most people use different software.

What is PageMaker?

Back in 1985, the Aldus Corporation unleashed a game-changer on the Apple Macintosh – Adobe PageMaker (formerly known as Aldus PageMaker). This was no ordinary computer program; it was the spark that ignited the desktop publishing revolution. Imagine a world where Macintosh's graphical user interface, PageMaker's publishing prowess, and the Apple LaserWriter laser printer joined forces – that's where it all began.

PageMaker wasn't confined to Mac territory for long. In 1987, it made its grand entrance into the PC world, cozying up to Windows 1.0. This move not only boosted the popularity of the Macintosh platform but also paved the way for Windows to shine in the desktop publishing arena.


A key player in PageMaker's triumph was its native support for Adobe Systems' PostScript page description language. This feature played a pivotal role in its success, setting it apart from the crowd. Fast forward to 1994, and Adobe decided to seal the deal by acquiring the majority of Aldus's assets, including PageMaker. The software underwent a rebirth under the Adobe umbrella, with version 6 stepping into the limelight.

Throughout the early 1990s, PageMaker held its ground as a heavyweight in the high-end desktop publishing market. However, as the mid-1990s rolled in, a formidable opponent emerged – QuarkXPress on the Mac. The PC side had its own contender in the form of Ventura, albeit to a lesser extent. The winds of change were blowing, and PageMaker faced growing competition.

Microsoft released Windows in the late 90's and has since become one of the most dominant operating systems in the world. Many people believe the inclusion of Windows is what pushed Adobe into developing Windows-friendly features in Pagemaker.

Is Adobe PageMaker still available?

Adobe Pagemaker is no longer part of Adobe Systems Incorporated, as reported by Adobe Systems VP of marketing communications, David Glazier. According to Adobe Systems CEO and co-founder Jim Cieslewicz, Adobe Pagemaker was "part of a series of products" released in 1985 under the name Symphony. Cieslewicz explained that Adobe Pagemaker was part of a small group of products released as freeware. Adobe Pagemaker was part of Adobe's attempt to develop an open-source application that would run on the Amiga OS. Adobe's previous efforts toward creating this open source tool have included developing an image viewer called the "GC browser," a music player called the "AGM Music Player," and a word processor similar to Quark.

Adobe PageMaker alternatives

Back in 2004, Adobe made a switch, saying goodbye to PageMaker and embracing the more advanced InDesign. Even though the app has been discontinued, below you will find some of the Adobe Pagemaker alternatives that you can try today. Here is the list:


CorelDraw is the cool kid on the block, giving Adobe a run for its money. If you're into designing and want more than just the basics, CorelDraw might be your go-to. It's a Windows exclusive, packing a punch with features like creating templates, playing around with objects, and smoothly adding text to your designs. And guess what? They throw in extra goodies like Photo-Paint, Capture, and PowerTRACE. You can even grab more cool stuff right from the software. It's like a design party, and you're invited!


For those counting their pennies, Scribus is a total game-changer. It's open-source, meaning you don't have to crack open your wallet to get your hands on it. Plus, if you're a bit of a tech whiz, you can tweak its code to fit your exact needs. Scribus plays nice with Windows, Mac, and Linux, so no one's left out. And don't worry if you hit a snag; they've got your back with various support options. It's like having a personal design assistant, minus the cost.

Microsoft Publisher

Here's one exclusively for the Windows gang – Microsoft Publisher. Whether you grab it solo or as part of the Microsoft Office crew, it's got some tricks up its sleeve. Ever needed a photo from your Facebook or Flickr albums in your design? Publisher's got you covered. It's not just about pictures; there are nifty mail merge tools for marketing pros. And get this – you can save your creations as HTML files for easy emailing or as .jpg for printing on any computer. It's like a one-stop-shop for all your publishing needs.

If you are looking for an excellent freeware desktop publishing application, you should definitely take a look at Adobe Pagemaker. This is a product that continues to get better with each version, and is still considered one of the best freeware desktop publishing applications available on the market today. To find out more about Adobe Pagemaker, visit the Adobe website directly. You can also find out more information on the history of Adobe and how to get the latest version, for free, without having to spend a penny. Good luck, and have fun!



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