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Download Winamp 5.25 Full Beta 843

Winamp 5.25 Beta 843

By Nullsoft  (Freeware)
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- Fixed: unicode titles for streams (build 834-specific bug)
- Fixed: [in_mp3] icecast utf-8 stream title support
- Fixed: [in_mp3] lame vbr header reading (build 834-specific bug)
- Fixed: [ml_local] crash when deleting files (via watcher) before ml has loaded
- Improved: bumped up gain of spectral analyzer
- Improved: [in_mp4] better sample duration calculation when the decoder is outputting at a different samplerate than specified in the MP4 data
- Improved: [pmp_usb] metadata reading in background, general touch-ups
- Improved: [in_mp3] faster preparation during burning, transcoder support
- New: [in_mp3] replaygain support for MP3 playback (enable in Prefs > Playback)
- New: [ml_rg] replaygain scanner (beta only, for now - access via Send To menu)
- Updated: [enc_lame] LAME 3.97b3