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Sumatra PDF 3.0

By Krzysztof Kowalczyk  (Open Source)
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# Changes in this release:
* Tabs! Enabled by default. Use Settings/Options... menu to go back to the old UI
* support table of contents and links in ebook UI
* add support for PalmDoc ebooks
* add support for displaying CB7 and CBT comic books (in addition to CBZ and CBR)
* add support for LZMA and PPMd compression in CBZ comic books
* allow saving Comic Book files as PDF
* swapped keybindings:
- F11 : Fullscreen mode (still also Ctrl+Shift+L)
- F5 : Presentation mode (also Shift+F11, still also Ctrl+L)
* added a document measurement UI. Press 'm' to start. Keep pressing 'm' to change measurement units
* new advanced settings: FullPathInTitle, UseSysColors (no longer exposed through the Options dialog), UseTabs
* replaced non-free UnRAR with a free RAR extraction library. If some CBR files fail to open for you, download unrar.dll from and place it alongside SumatraPDF.exe
* deprecated browser plugin. We keep it if was installed in earlier version