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Free customisation tool for taskbars

TranslucentTB is a free application that customises your taskbar on your Windows PC desktop screen. TranslucentTB lets you change the appearance of your taskbar. TTB is a versatile program that delivers tailored settings for specific actions. Your PC taskbar will adapt to the preferences that you set.

TaskbarX is another app to tailor your taskbar preferences. While TranslucentTB is free, TaskbarX is a paid program and offers more features than TTB. Unlike TTB,  with Taskbarx you can centre the icons. However, both apps lets you change the colour, opacity, and translucency of your bar.

What is TranslucentTB?

TranslucentTB is a software that lets you change your taskbar opaque or translucent. You can change the taskbar colour with the ‘Color Picker’ widget. The main menu lets you sync your toolbar preferences with your actions. Your bar settings can be adjusted for when you launch the web browser window, Start Menu, Search, and Timeline.


The action modes are called ‘Dynamic Windows’, ‘Dynamic Start Menu’, ‘Dynamic Cortana’, and ‘Dynamic Timeline’. You can choose whether the bar settings adapt to each command or not. The commands can be enabled or disabled. All of the actions have the same context menu, aside from the ‘Regular when peeking’ option in the ‘Maximise Window’ tab.

You can choose whether the taskbar appears as normal, clear, opaque, blur, or fluent for each selection. ‘Accent Color’ lets you pick a colour for the normal, opaque, and fluent themes in the ‘Color Picker’ window. An ombre coloured graph will appear to let you decide the best colour or you can enter the colour code in the RGB and HSV section.

A comparison of the new and old colours is available to reference in the bottom right corner of the window and a sliding scale is to let you adjust the transparency. The ‘Normal’ option lets you revert the toolbar back to the default Windows style. The ‘Normal’ point will make your bar look like TTB was not installed.

How do I make Windows taskbar transparent?

Another taskbar design option is ‘Clear’. The popular choice will make your taskbar completely translucent. ‘Clear’ gives your desktop screen the cleanest appearance. You can see the background behind the icons with the ‘Clear’ view. ‘Opaque’ delivers a solid coloured taskbar. The ‘Blur’ state makes the bar slightly blurry. The ‘Fluent’ style is modeled after the Microsoft Fluent Design principles.

The ‘Show Aero Peek’ area lets you either show or hide aero peek. The ‘Advanced’ section lets you conveniently modify the source code. A Notepad will appear when you choose an option in the ‘Advanced’ area. You can make changes to the platform directly in the Notepad.

The ‘Tips and tricks’ segment will open a webpage in your web browser that delivers a user manual. TranslucentTB can launch when you turn on your OS. The ‘Open at boot’ option in the main menu lets TTB run when you boot your PC.

Is TranslucentTB malware?

TTB does not include adware, malware, spyware, or viruses. TranslucentTB is an open source project that lets you change the code with the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license. You will need to agree to the license before you install the freeware.

Is TranslucentTB safe?

TranslucentTB is safe to use on your PC when you download the package from a secure source. The open source nature of the platform delivers additional benefits where you can enter into the code to verify the security status.

Does TranslucentTB affect performance?

TTB is a lightweight utility that does not affect the performance of your operating system. While your PC will run at the same speed, the actual functionality of TranslucentTB can glitch. Since TTB can personalise the settings for individual actions, the taskbar may need to shift appearances quickly. The bar may flicker during rapid switches.

A simple method to personalise taskbars

TranslucentTB lets you innovate your Windows taskbar, discreetly located in the taskbar. If you do not see the icon in the bar, then you can press the upward-facing arrow to click on the icon. A context menu will appear to show you the commands.

What’s new?

The developer delivers inconsistent software updates on a relatively frequent basis. The new versions often fix issues. You will want to make sure that you get TTB from a reputable source since people can make unsafe variations of the app.



TranslucentTB 2021.5 for Windows
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 10
Latest update:
Tuesday, August 16th 2022
Charles Milette

TranslucentTB for PC


Charles Milette(Free)

User rating9


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