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Free yet dangerous malware

MEMZ Trojan is a freeware that can ruin the master boot record within computers and laptops. MEMZ is classified as a Trojan horse malware. The software was developed by the YouTuber Leurak in response to the ‘Viewer-Made Malware’ episodes on the YouTube channel: danooct1. The Trojan virus triggers a variety of payloads that ultimately destroy an MBR and operating system.

Does MEMZ destroy your computer?

MEMZ Trojan is a malicious program that attacks the master boot record and operating system of your computer or laptop. While the virus is most commonly found on Microsoft Windows PC operating systems, the worm has been used on Apple Mac devices. MEMZ will initiate a series of payloads that infect your PC.

The software package has a ‘Clean’ and ‘Destructive’ version. Both of the editions have the power to delete information, hurt your device, etc. The ‘Clean’ portion of the package gives you a command board with various payloads: ‘Random keyboard input’, ‘Flashing screen’, ‘Tunnel effect’, ‘Message boxes’, ‘Reverse text’, etc. The powerful payloads can harm your private data and device.


The payloads will perform unsafe actions when you click on the options within the panel. The name of the application is misleading: ‘MEMZ Clean’. While the ‘Clean’ version is harmful, the ‘Destructive’ version is incurable. If you let the ‘Destructive’ edition run, then the platform will inevitably wreck your MBR and system.

You should not download nor use MEMZ on any machine. If you were to open the MEMZ virus, then two notifications would appear to warn you that the device will become unusable. You can press ‘No’ on either of the warnings to cancel the operation. If you click ‘Yes’ within both of the notices, then your personal PC and data is at risk.

What does MEMZ Trojan do?

The malware will deliver chaotic payloads onto your computer at an increasingly rapid rate beginning with a threatening note that is written within the notepad app. Unexplainable search results in popup internet browsers will follow. If you close the web browsers, then additional windows will appear with different results. You cannot kill the process from within the built-in Windows Task Manager.

If you select the MEMZ tasks and click on ‘End Process’ button in the ‘Processes’ tab of the Windows Task Manager, then MEMZ Trojan will assuredly ruin your PC. There are risky methods that have somewhat cured PCs from MEMZ, which are done by typing a specific code into the Administrator Command Prompt window. The MBR will still be trashed when you restart the machine.

You will see that your desktop flashes in different colours during the malware attack. The movement of your mouse cursor will leave a trail of icons behind. Additional images and error messages that say different announcements will fill up your screen: ‘ENJOY THE NYAN CAT’, ‘Insert Joel quote here’, ‘VIRUS PRANK GONE WRONG’, etc.

A message will appear within a blue interface that tells you a crash dump is about to happen that will make your computer or laptop unbootable. There is an apparent focus on memes within this software. There is an iconic pixelated illustration of a colourful cartoon cat flying that appears when your PC is crashed by the Trojan.

Can you fix MEMZ virus?

The virus impacts the MBR to make the computer or laptop inoperable. You should prevent the attack instead of fixing the damage. The freeware is not safe to download nor run on machines. You can monitor suspicious activity with antivirus applications: Avast, Comodo Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Norton 360, and Trojan Killer. The security apps scan your system to detect malware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, etc.

Avast, Kaspersky Antivirus, and Norton 360 are a few of the most trusted tools to remove threats from your PC: Petya, WannaCry, etc. While you can download and install Avast and Comodo for free, Kaspersky, Norton 360, and Trojan Killer are trialware that give you the service for free for only a limited period of time.

Vicious virus that threatens security

MEMZ Trojan is an open source project that invades your PC OS with dangerous popups. The final payload will break your device. The malware delivers jokes, memes, etc. MEMZ targets the master boot record. If you try to end the processes from the Windows Task Manager, then your PC will be automatically ruined.

There is an increased risk of hazardous issues since the platform can be continuously developed by the public. There are no regular software updates made to the platform.



Memz Trojan varies-with-device for Windows
  • Windows 8,
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  • Windows Vista,
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Sunday, June 4th 2023

Memz Trojan for PC



User rating8


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