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Free Kerbal Space Program mod

MechJeb2 - Kerbal Space Program Mod is a free mod for the flight and space simulator game Kerbal Space Program. This mod lets you enlist an AI flight assistant of your own as you explore the vast reaches of the galaxy.  It is also the second iteration of MechJeb, which offers significant performance and gameplay improvements over the former one. 

Kerbal Space Program is an incredibly intuitive and interactive space simulator, but games tend to be even better with mods and expansions. If you’re looking for new additions to your Kerbal Space Program library, give the Making History and Breaking Ground expansions a try. You could also try the TweakScale mod for even more functional gameplay.

An AI sidekick for Kerbal Space Program

MechJeb is essentially an AI sidekick that makes the game a little easier. While the titular Kerbals, adorable little green humanoid alien beings, are relatively unassuming and make the game look fit for all ages, Kerbal Space Program is nothing short of an impressive attempt at realism. 


The game features a realistic orbital physics engine that requires a little more than a basic understanding of scientific concepts. As a result, the game is, in the simplest terms, quite hard. Enter MechJeb2. 


MechJeb2 limits your need to understand complex science while also giving you enough information to still grasp new concepts as you play. The game famously specifically requires you to know about how design and engineering can affect the manoeuvrability of a craft, as well as a deep understanding of the craft’s controls. Being able to call on an AI-powered virtual assistant to help with essential gameplay processes is a preferable situation to be in. 

Rather than having to try and figure everything out yourself on the fly, MechJeb2 can help by setting your rocket to autopilot and helping you achieve perfect timing and textbook landings, thereby ensuring your continued success with the illustrious Kerbal Space Program. 

The final frontier just got a little easier to navigate

MechJeb2 is an incredible asset to have in your repertoire of Kerbal Space Program Mods. Leave the heavy lifting to your AI-powered buddy and focus on the more enjoyable and rewarding aspects of the game. 

There is an issue resulting in incompatibility with certain versions of KSP, as with the first iteration of MechJeb, but should you be able to use it, MechJeb2 is a lifesaver. 



MechJeb2 - Kerbal Space Program Mod for Windows
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10
Latest update:
Wednesday, July 6th 2022


MechJeb2 - Kerbal Space Program Mod for PC


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