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Free Kerbal Space Program mod

TweakScale is a free mod for Kerbal Space Program that lets you change the size of in-game parts. Aside from just letting you change the size of in-game assets, TweakScale also lets you alter certain characteristics associated with the game’s various building blocks. 

There are a few other notable mods for consideration if you are considering adding a little more functionality and ease to your Kerbal Space Program experience. One such mod is MechJeb2, it adds an AI-powered virtual assistant into the game to help you with the heavy lifting of operating an alien space program. 

Size is everything

Kerbal Space Program may not be a terribly new game, but despite its age, it’s still increasingly popular among gamers. One factor aiding the popularity of the game could be that the Kerbals themselves are too cute for any words we use here on Earth. But the most likely scenario is that gamers enjoy the realism and complexity that this relatively unassuming space exploration simulator has to offer. The game has its limitations though. That’s why mods like TweakScale exist. 


Tweakscale lets you play around with the size of various in-game assets and explore how their physical properties and the effects they have on their environment and vice versa change when their size is manipulated. This mod has a direct effect on how the game can be played and adds a lot more versatility and diversity in terms of customization and gameplay into it. 

Play with physics

Adapting the size of any object will change the way it moves, reacts and behaves within the context of a system affected by physical forces. The same is true for this mod within the KSP game. For instance, if you change the size of your rocket’s thrusters with this mod, it doesn’t just make the visual asset bigger. The increase in size also translates into more power within the game, opening up new gameplay possibilities. Any part you alter with this mod will also still function within the context of a larger system or mechanism as well. 

As with both MechJeb and MechJeb2, TweakScale, unfortunately, doesn’t work with all versions of Kerbal Space Program. It has compatibility issues with versions 1.9, 1.11, and 1.12. If you have any of these versions, you’ll need to run the KSP Recall utility before attempting to run TweakScale. Also, keep in mind that TweakScale sometimes conflicts with other mods

Modular scalability

TweakScale is an absolutely integral mod to have if you want to experiment with the impact size can have when assembling bits and pieces into functional systems. Not to mention all the fun you’ll have and the increased performance your space program will benefit from with this mod installed. 

TweakScale proves once and for all that size truly does matter. However, there are some compatibility issues that may cause frustration.



TweakScale - Kerbal Space Program Mod for Windows
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  • Windows 11,
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  • Windows 7
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Tuesday, July 12th 2022


TweakScale - Kerbal Space Program Mod for PC


User rating8


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